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No excuses! Determination

Posted by sexyscorp20 on Dec 13, 2010 9:29:06 PM

Living In New England has its advantages and disadvantages. I am refering to the weather. One day it can be 90 degrees in July and the next day can be 40 degrees, so imagine in the winter time! It can be zero below and the next 45 degree weather. Since I been running, I feared the weather might hinder me from running. But doing a lot of research on so many imformative sites on how to dress for brutal windy weather gave me a sigh of relief. I have invested in a good running jacket from Nike Women. I love that site, 'it make you feel so alive. If you are a woman reading this and love to be healthy, check out the site and tell me you don't feel so confident and determined! So now I have no excuse, I also invested in a Dri Fit tea, hat, gloves and long johns! If I dress accordingly in layers, I will be just fine in the cold temps. I just don't want anything to try to interfere in my running. I feel so proud of myself when I push myself to keep going.

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