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Well the day finely got here and boy the weather couldn’t have been more perfect. The ski was clear the tempeture started this morning around 60 degrees and the water temp was 73 I think. I have been dreaming and dreading of this day for a while now and my only plan for this event was make it through to the finish, that’s it. The race had a Sprint and Olympic race and I had to go for the big one.  Now that my first Olympic triathlon is in the books I’m am very happy to say I finished, not with flying colors but I finished.

Friday night was uneventful for me as all I did was go over all my gear a dozen times changed what I was going to carry it in and make my usual chicken spaghetti for the protein and carbs needed for the next day. I wanted  to get to bed early also as I really didn’t think I was going to sleep very well, for this being my first, I could only imagine tossing and turning all night and sleeping 15 minutes at a time but it didn’t work that way, I fell asleep around 9pm and slept all night

Race day started around 4 am I just kind of woke up, because for me getting up at that time 4 days a week for the last several months  to go running before the pool has been the standard. I knew I had plenty of time so I just hung out eat some breakfast and went over my game plan another dozen times. Island Lake Park is only about 10 to 15 minutes away from my house so it’s great I don’t have a long drive to get there.

I got to park about 5:45 and parked close to the front, I’m guessing this is a small event at least a small event (I’m guessing 40 to 500 competitors) compared to MCM or Detroit marathon.  I walked over to the register table and got marked as the sun was beautifully coming up from the east along the line of swim buoys all I could think at this point was great I won’t be able to see while I’m swimming. Went back and grabbed my gear and bike and went into transition area. I did see a guy that I see once or twice a week at the high school pool for swim training and boy was it good to see a familiar face.

The swim was .9 miles long, so I thought this was going to be the hardest part for me, looking out over the water from the beach I knew I would have to swim out and back twice.  I went into it with the thinking one stroke at time and I will get through this, I don’t know how long it took me to get through the swim because I did the breast stroke all but about 100 yards of it, just haven’t gotten the crawl down yet. One thing is I sweat a lot so when I pulled the cap of my bald head a bunch of sweat had pooled in between the cap and my head and boy was it warm, warm enough I noticed.

Pulled out of the water feeling good but a little tired but happy it was over.  I can remember thinking one down two to go. I did wear a wetsuit but I had only put on once and swam in it on Thursday a couple hundred yards in a Triathlon class I’m taking, but felt pretty comfortable that night with it because of scuba diving. The one little concern I had though was about getting it off in a reasonable amount of time and I think I did! I changed into my biking gear grabbed a hammer gel and walked to the mount area.

As soon as I started to pedal the bike I could feel the knot in my left side of my butt, it wasn’t horrible but it was just a pain in the A$%... Hehehe The first thought was am I going to have to put up with this for the whole 24.7 miles and I did. The course is just like the swim out and back twice. First off the pain did subside as I went on but never went away. The bike course is rolling hills and they did their job of making the course a challenge. I had done the course several times in the past month so I knew what I was getting into but I had never done it just after swimming.


Dismounting and getting back into transition area was good, and again thinking 2 down and 1 to go. Changed my shoes, got a hammer gel and was on my way for the run. The sun at this point was tough for me I’m use too running at 4:30am at a nice temp of 40 to 50 degrees. . If I had to guess the temp had to be around 75 by this point and it was taking its toll on me I knew I was in for a fight.  You guessed it out and back twice, To be honest I knew I was going to finish but I had been under the feeling that running was going to be my strongest point and it just didn’t work out that way

I ran the first half to three quarters of a mile then ran walked the rest of 6 .2 miles the best I could. The course was hilly but never crossed my mind during training. I really didn’t look when I took off but as I came down to the turnaround for the second loop, it was only about 20 feet for the finish, boy that was bad to see.

After getting home taking a shower and getting something to eat, I stretched and tried to work the knot out and I’m glad to say it’s almost gone.

The people I met there were awesome really well run event and a lots of help, So with that said I’m happy with the complete experience and taking what I know now, learning from it and looking forward to my next tri race which will at the end of July, I hope I didn’t ramble on too much and at least made some sense. Was thinking I was going to finish somewhere in 3 hours.

Just a recap .9 mile, swim 24.7 mile bike, 6.2 mile run

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Dennis Younkin












Respectfully submitted…


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Day of remorse!

Posted by silvereagle May 8, 2010

Well anytime I buy something more then 100 bucks I get some buyers remorse out of it. Then to top it all off all the equipment I need to buy to get ready. I think in a week or so I will be in the full swing of training and I will be alot more excited about it then I am now. I look at the website every chance I can to see if there is anything new I can learn from it. This will be my first Tri event and im looking not to hurt myself or anyone else in it. I might try and do one in the last spring or early summer to get a feel for what to expect from the larger one, but I have a half marathon scheduled in mid May, early June and early July.


I also think about all the other events I going to do next year and feel I could hav spent that money elsewhere. I get over it quickly but it just part of being me. On the great side I got back into my running after taking a couple days off to recoup from the Marathon on Sat, I did 6 1/2 miles this morning in 43 degree weather. I never checked the weather before hitting the rack last night so going by what happen Tuesday morning I got dressed into winter gear and when I hit the road i felt like a idiot it was so warm.



I started this way back when so Im just posting it now and not writing any more, but I will give a update.....

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Well today was the date I registered for the Steelhead on July 31, 2010 in Benton harbor. I have been thinking about this for a while but only after this weekends Marathon in Columbia City In did i feel I could truely imagine I could do it. I cant say im a crazy runner but I feel I have a great base to be able to continue and expaned my trtaining to finish it. As i sit here now the only thing im ready for is the run. I have thought about how to train for the other to I just have to implyment my countermeasures for training, I have around 9 month to get it down and I plan on having everything I need by X-mas. Time will tell, i have paid my money so ther is no turning back now.


My thoughts will be scattered and sometime I think it wont make sense but its ok, i will do the best i can..



More Later,



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Here is a start of a blog, Im going to try and post aleast once to twice a week on my training and quest to finish. I guessing I will have alot easier time training for this then writing about the training.

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