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I ran my first 10 mile run yesterday and it was great.  I ran in the Crim Festival of Races in Flint MIchigan.  It was a good time there was a lot of people there and it was intereting.  I thought the beer and doughnuts was an interesting thing to hand out to the runners as they ran.  I avoided those I do not think I would do well if  ate a doughnut or drank some beer.  I meet a lot of people and had a good time.  I realized that I could run these races I may do a half marathon in october.  I might do the broksieway that one sounds like fun. I am excited to be doing better.  My time keeps improving.  I ran a little more than a 13 minute mile which is fairly fast for me expecially on a 10 mile run.  That is about it for now.






Good luck on the road and be safe.



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I ran my first 4.8 mile race this weekend in H-e-l-l Michigan. Again it was a blast I am glad I have gotten involved with this. I have met many new people. I met a new group of people this weekend who invited me to run with them to train for the Crim. It was nice to meet them I look forward to running with them in the future. This was a fun course it was more like the places I run around my house. Back roads with lots of hills. My time improved compared to thelast run. I will keep pushing to improve and that is all I can do. I am now a member of the National Guard I am proud to be there. I have to work on a different kind of running for them. There I have to run 2 miles as fast as I can compared to pacing for long distances. So I have been practicing this type of running so I can improve my speed for the short distances.


Till next time have fun and stay safe.



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First 8.5 mile run

Posted by sixstring819 Jul 26, 2008


I ran 8.5 miles yesterday.  I was surprise I made it I really enjoyed it.  I have noticed since I started running how much I enjoy nature again.  I run back roads in hickville and there is nothing around but trees water and wildlife.  I see deer and rabits constantly with birds and frog chirping all the way through.  I realized how little time I have spent listening to them in the past few years and how fast life has moved.  I enjoy the chance to slow down and I find my runs relaxing.  I logged over 20 miles this week I may step up a little more next week not a ton but enough to keep the momentum forward.  I was thinking about doing the 8K for the Crim but I may do the full 10 miles now that I know I can finish it.  I do not have a chance for an award in either race not yet so I may as well do something that is big like everything else I do.  O'well untill next time have a good time on the road and be safe.  take the time to listen to nature and the things around you, you may find yourself more relaxed after your run than you were before hand.



Kanate (Theron)



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On July 19, 2008 I ran my first official road race.  The race was the Bastille day race in Fenton Mi. I really enjoyed it.  I did not get a good time I made it in 40:50 so I was far from the fastest person out there.  However, after losing 100 pounds and living a sedentary lifestyle I am proud of myself just for finishing.  I plan to run a few more races this year. The run through **** in **** Michigan as well as the Crim!  I may make it to the run in Mackinac in October as well.  I have to say this is a sport I really enjoy and look forward in continuing in.  Just like every newbie I am reading all of the articles wondering if I should get different shoes and what equipment I should have etc.     I hope one day to run a marathon though that will not be this year.  I found the event relaxing and I enjoyed the chance just to clear my mind and do something other than worry about the rest of the world and what is going on with this and that.



I had a good chance just to enjoy my surroundings which in a busy life you never get the chance to do.  I look forward to do this more and maybe even getting good enough to start placing at least in my age group!



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