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Las Vegas Tri

Posted by sjobergeric Sep 28, 2008

The wife and I did the Las Vegas Tri today.  It was our first olympic.  We both had a rough night's sleep and were a little excited / nervous about embarking on our first olympic event.  My wife loved the swim, but I got a little turned around and ended up swimming a little more than I should have.   Overall it was a good event.  The heat and hills took there toll on the two of us.  For me, the poor swim meant I was struggling to make up time on the bike and the hills made it hard to do that. The addition of the ocassional vehicle on the road meant I was constantly looking over the shoulder.  I don't think I calmed down at any point during the bike.  One I hit the run, things started getting better.  The first half of the run was mostly uphill, but I was able to settle into a decent pace.  By the second half of the run I had finally recovered from the swim and the "flat" bike course so I was able to finally start enjoying myself.  Overall, the course was a little warmer than we thought it would be. It was pushing 100 by the end.  Scenic course though.   We may try this one again next year.

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