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Which GPS watch? in Equipment and Gear Susan090 1 month ago by JohnK25 7,399 24
I Ran today.... Did You? in Newbie Cafe (New Runners) flamomof3 2 years ago by DanMcLaughlin 61,250 342
Newbie question about shorts/underwear in Equipment and Gear ryankilgore 2 years ago by Scotty670 4,823 14
Nervous!!! in General Running Discussion Twinks22 3 years ago by pkcpa25 5,407 20
Sunglasses for running in Equipment and Gear Raserei 3 years ago by PatriciaDawn 2,608 10
Runners route/trail preference in Newbie Cafe (New Runners) Igor9805 3 years ago by mkayc 901 4
Re: New and Need Shoes....Help!! in Athena and Clydesdale nfleming 4 years ago by ChubbyRunrGrl 7,630 11
Re: Treadmill Running in Newbie Cafe (New Runners) CraftingFish 4 years ago by Participant55 5,112 24
Re: Where do you put your cell phone? in General Running Discussion Love2Run4Me 4 years ago by gatorman10 2,695 10
Re: weight qualification? in Athena and Clydesdale dbrown1177 4 years ago by Marykb 14,367 29
Re: Is anyone running a race in February in Athena and Clydesdale slowrunningpete 4 years ago by Sodapotts 7,541 13
Re: Running around the river in this ice and snow in Athena and Clydesdale pjbones 4 years ago by slowrunningpete 3,685 5
Re: Anyone ever run without toenails? in General Running Discussion BayouRunner 5 years ago by Vin Camacho 2,961 7
Re: Age, Weight, Sex handicap calculator in Athena and Clydesdale SumoRunner 5 years ago by slowrunningpete 5,842 5
Running Partner in Maine in Run and Race Together slowrunningpete 5 years ago by slowrunningpete 793 0


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