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What an incredible story. Dara Torres, a mother of 41, has made her 5th

Olympics after winning the 100m freestyle at the US Olympic Trials in

Omaha Nebraska.

She'll be the oldest female to compete in Olympic swimming, 8 years after being the oldest member of the US team in Sydney!


After swimming 53.78, and touching out Natalie Coughlin for gold,

Dara will be aiming to add to the haul of 9 Oympic medals, won between

1984 and 2000.


Michael Phelps calls her "Mom", and Dara admits that she finds it

harder to recover these days. The solution? She trains less. She's in

the pool 5 times per week, and does additional work on core strength

and flexibility.


She's been subject to a lot of rumours, that her youthful performances

have been pharmacologically enhanced. So much so that she begged the US

Doping Agency to test her, as stringently as they could, on an ongoing



Speaking of her victory, the former model said "I don't really think of

it as winning or losting. I think of it as making the Olympic Team. A

lot of hard work got me here, but I have a lot of great people working

with me too. I also have a lot of support from my family"


The following artice from the NY Times is very interesting. Not short, mind:

A Swimmer of a Certain Age



Rob Robson



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