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One of the things that comes up in conversations about iStadia is the

lack of quality control, or the lack of quality control as perceived by

sport scientists that have been indoctrinated into the epistemologies

that dominate scientific research, and processes such as peer review.


But what is "quality" in (or on?) Web 2.0?


Web 1.0 was one way communication, from 'authoritative" sources. Web 2.0 is about user generated content, and two-way communication.


So, in this world, what is "quality", and who decides?


My response is that iStadia is "by the community, for the community",

so the community decides. Whether that be in the form of comments or

ratings on the site, or "diggs" or other bookmarks off it, it is up to

the community itself to challenge poor quality and support high quality

posts. And in the community, everyone has a voice....


Formal qualifications do not matter as much in this new world. I would

rate Dan Peterson

as our best contributor since he joined. His posts

are well-researched (particularly for a guy that isn't at a University

and doesn't have unlimited access to journals or databases or


thoughtful and stimulating. What's his background? He's an IT director,

parent and sometime coach, but he's out there, putting himself on the

line, while "authorities" in the field of sport and exercise stay in

their comfort zone - the academic community. What's also important is

that Dan writes with the humility of someone who knows their limits (or

actually overestimates their limits) and doesn't claim to be an

authority on anything - just an interested observer.


And peer review? Well, playing the devil's advocate: so what? Who

should be the judge and arbitrer of what's good or not so good? In

sport and exercise science shouldn't the coaches, the athletes, the trainers

and the exercisers be the ones that judge?

Indeed, while I'd never suggest scrapping peer reviewed communication,

is it good enough for sport and exercise scientists simply to talk

among themselves when they have the tools to talk to a wider audience?


If you have an opinion on this - please comment!



Rob Robson



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