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So Dwain Chambers won't be going to the Olympics. I think, on balance,

that it is best for the integrity of the Olympic team, but I still feel

for Dwain.

I can still remember talking to Mike McFarlane, Dwain Chamber's coach,

in 2002 - just before he went off to the States and got involved in

doping. My impression is of a young, relatively uneducated man who was

easily influenced and made bad decisions. I feel sorry for the guy.

He's thrown away his talent and his career, and it will hurt for the

rest of his life.


I also think that UK Athletics played a part in all of this, but have

escaped criticism. Yes, I know that people have to take responsibility

for their choices, but. at that point of time their athlete/talent

management was woeful. Athletes were on a free reign. They could do

what they like. Other, more professionally run sports would have kept

their athletes closer to them and ensured that this sort of thing

didn't happen.


But UK Athletics have been getting their act together, so we all move

on. Hopefully Dwain will be able to move on and live a life without



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