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Du Li, the defending champion in the women's 10m air rifle shooting

fled the arena in tears, after only manging 5th place (in an event won

by Katerina Emmons of the Czech republic.


Li blamed the pressure of competing at

home for her failure in the competition saying, "she wasn't fully

prepared for the pressure of competing at home". Expectations can be very tough to deal with.


I wonder how many Chinese athletes will be affected like this and,

importantly, how many non-Chinese athletes will be free by the lack of

expectation in many events?


(On a different note, I read the story this week of how Katerina met

her husband Matt Emmons of the US, by consoling him after he missed out

on his second gold in Athens - by hitting someone else's target when

all he needed to do was make any kind of a hit on his own. D'oh!)



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