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DartfishTV - a new video streaming/storage platform was utilized daily at the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympic Games.


A Question and Answer Session -

With Kristin Collins, the High Performance Technician for Canadian Olympics in Beijing 2008 and with Own the Podium 2010.


DF Kristin, we know your experience in working with Olympic athletes in

both training and performance with use of Dartfish video technology is

extensive. You've been involved with both the Summer and Winter Olympic

Games, dating back to the 2000 Summer Games in Australia.


KC Yes, I've been fortunate to be involved in Sydney 2000, Salt Lake

City 2002 and Athens 2004 with the US Olympic Committee and the

Canadian Olympic Committee in Torino and Beijing…and soon to be

Vancouver 2010.


DF Sounds like you took it to a whole new level in Beijing.  How did that work?


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