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Reduce Back Problems with Pilates

Posted by sportspsychrob on Jan 17, 2009 2:24:18 PM

Did you know that 90% of us will suffer from back problems at some time in our lives?

60% will be sub-acute or chronic and at least half of these cases will

be caused by poor posture. The effects of these alarming statistics are

far-reaching as the following facts show:-


  •          11 million working days are lost each year.

  •          Bad backs are the main reason for time off work.

  •          Last year 200,000 women took time off work to recover from a back problem.

  •          The cost to British industry is around a staggering £5 billion a year.

  •          The cost to the NHS (in the UK) is estimated to be £480 million.            


So what are the main causes of back problems, apart from abnormalities

in the spine (eg, a scoliosis), a trauma (eg, car accident) or the

natural ageing process (degeneration of discs, osteoporosis, arthritis)?


Read the full article on using pilates for preventing back pain.


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