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Resonance: The Importance of Dreams

Posted by sportspsychrob on Feb 1, 2009 2:15:05 AM

Should we follow our dreams, or set realistic goals? The Resonance

Performance Model suggests a way of turning those dreams in to reality.



Dreams (or daydreams, if you prefer) play an important role in sport

and life, providing a vision of the future to inspire, motivate and

even plan. Indeed, sport psychologists have long stressed this point.

As Bob Rotella, who has worked with some of the world's leading

golfer's says "a person with great dreams can achieve great things".


Isn't this obvious? Well, on one hand it is. Many of the greatest

athletes have expressed having a strong vision of what they wanted to

achieve, and stuck to the task of achieving it. This implies that if

you don't dare to dream, you probably won't achieve great things.


Read the full article on the resonance performance model and the importance of dreams in sport.



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