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Of all of the decisions parents face regarding their children's future,

choosing between shoulder pads or running shoes for their Christmas

present seems trivial. Well, according to Kevin Reilly, president of

Atlas Sports Genetics, this is a decision you should not take lightly.


"If you wait until high school or college to find out if you have a

good athlete on your hands, by then it will be too late," he said in a

recent New York Times interview. "We need to identify these kids from 1

and up, so we can give the parents some guidelines on where to go from



In December, Reilly's company began marketing a $149 saliva swab test

for kids, aged 1 to 8, to determine which variant of the gene ACTN3 is

in their DNA. According to a 2003 Australian study, ACTN3 was shown to

be a marker for two different types of athletic prowess, explosive

power or long endurance. While everyone carries the gene, the

combination of variants inherited, one from each parent, differs.


Read the full article on sports genetics.



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