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It's a frequent topic of conversation among exercisers - whether and

what people can eat after working out. I've always considered the

difference to be about the person: "I have to eat as soon as possible"

or "I can't face food after exercise". Research, however, suggests that

the type of exercise that we do influences our post-workout cravings.


I tend to be an eater after exercise, but then I tend to be an eater anyway (though I'm working on it)!


Dr David Stensel,

a leading sport scientist from Loughborough University's School of

Sport and Exercise Sciences,  has found that exercise doesn't necessarily

stimulate appetite, because some types of physical actiivty,

particularly running, suppress the hormone (gherlin hormone) that makes

us feel hungry. His findings are published in his new book on the

Influence of Resistance and Aerobic Exercise on Hunger.




Read more about post-workout cravings.



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