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1st day of blogging

Posted by tbbutterfly on Feb 24, 2010 10:22:36 AM

Well here is my first post! I am starting this blog to encourage other women like myself to get out there and do it (whatever it is they are doing to get fit that is). I started running at the Beginning of November 2009 with my first run only being a 1/4 of a mile.  I was so proud of the 1/4 of a mile though.  As soon as I left the gym I called my husband to tell him.  Each day I went to the gym (3 times a week) I tried to increase by 1/10 of a mile.  At the end of November I did my first run.  I did a run in Columbia, MD they call the Dazzle Dash. It was 1.4 miles, up and down hill through they Symphony of Lights (Christmas light displays).  I finished.  I didn't run the exact thing but I did it in about 27 minutes.  I did an average of a 20 some minute mile! I was so proud of myself and my family was proud of me.


All of this made me feel good about myself considering I am about 100 pounds overweight, short, and way out of shape. My self esteem about myself has been low for quite sometime, but I can say that the first 1/4 mile I did, completing the first run was all a great self esteem boost. Goal 1 had been met (do a run and feel good about it).


I do have the encouragement of my family (husband, 3 kids, and my parents), and my co-worker (who encourage me to sign up for the gym in the first place). Thank you Kim! I could not do what I am doing with out my support network.  To have friends and family who care so much means a lot!


I have now set my next goal. The other day my goal was to do a 5K by the fall of 2010 but I have told myself that no I can do better than that. I am going to attempt a 10K in June of 2010.  I know that I have to work hard but I can do it. Whether I finish fast or slow I just want to say that I finished!


So to all you women out there that are reading my story and saying I know how she feels, all I have to say to you is - YOU CAN DO IT! Whatever you strive to do, go out and do it!

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I just began running in November of 2009. I want to share with other beginners like me my goals, my accomplishments, and even my road blocks. I am also in the process of losing weight and making myself fit.

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