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Rerun Another One

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Good afternoon, friends and fellow users! It's been what, 2 months since I've written a blog post here? I am obviously off my game! I have to be honest. It's not the lack of blog posts that I'm referring to. I'm talking about my lack of activeness in the past two months, with or without my blog! It's crazy! I feel really guilty for not running and exercising as much as I used to. With job hunting, finally working, and now more job hunting and graduate school researching, I am mentally too drained to get myself out the door anymore. However no more excuses! I need to pick up my running again. There are no races in store for me in the near future, so I'll just casually get in short distance runs to build up my motivation for the time being. Also, I'll do some more weights, make an effort to go hiking, and all that other good active stuff! My mind and body need to become one again! Anyways, this post might be the last one you see for awhile until I run a race or do something of interest. Just letting you all know.


I now leave you with my last completed donation run! In case you don't know what I'm referring to, I ran the San Jose Rock N' Roll Half Marathon in October 2010. It was my mission around Dec. 2009 to start collecting donations for the Lazarex Cancer Foundation with the goal of about $750.  To reach my goal, I had an incentive around March 2010 that stated I'd run 1/4 of a mile for every dollar donated. That's like 187 miles. Since then I've been running those extra runs for people and writing them a nice little blog post. I was really good at running them, but after I graduated and got a job, it was difficult to find any time or motivation. Considering it's not yet October 201, I haven't passed my deadline in finishing these donation runs, so here's my last and final donation run:


My last donation run was for my good friend, Khang Vu, who donated $40 to the Lazarex Cancer Foundation! A little bit about Khang! I officially met Khang in my 2nd year at UC Irvine. I was at my other friend's apartment (Grace's), celebrating Jenny's birthday! Along with all my other friends, Grace invited her friends, Josh and Khang. We had cake, played pinata, and batted around skittles or M&Ms, I forget. The next day, I find a Facebook invite from Khang. From that point on, I would see Khang more often when I get invited (through Grace) to their apartment to hang out and we would become great friends! Overall, Khang is a very easy person to talk to! We hit it off pretty quickly. I think it's due to our geeky / nerdy common interests and sarcastic remarks haha. He's very nice, chill, and helpful, especially if you're asking for computer help! Coincidently, we're both from the same city. Khang is Grace's high school friend and it so happens they go to the local rival high school! Rawr! Not that I really care anyways... Now that we've both moved home, he's one of my reliable friends to hang out and just chat with! Oh, I forgot to mention we both have an affinity for coffee! He's the only one who likes getting coffee with me! Anyways, if you're reading this Khang, thanks for being an awesome friend! I know that $40 could have gone to more guitars, computers, or whatever it is you always buy, but thank you for making such a generous donation instead! Sorry you waited so long for this post, but it's finally here!


As for the donation run itself, I was to run at least 10 miles for Khang and that's what I did. My race ended a long time ago so my endurance has declined dramatically. I'm only able to run about 2 miles at a time now so that's why I've done 5 separate runs. I was supposed to finish it within a week or two, but I started working around this time. With a long commute, I never had the time and energy to get the runs in quickly enough. Fear no more, I'm done! I'd go into detail about the runs, but frankly it would be boring and I don't remember them anymore haha. All I can say is that they were all run on a tedious treadmill either at 24 Hour Fitness or at home. If it was at home, I was probably watching endless episodes of Friends!


Here's the proof:


Run for Khang 2.png


Run for Khang 1.png

Run for Khang 3.png


Run for Khang 4.png


Run for Khang 5.png

Alright, that's it! I'm finally done with my donation runs! Yay! ::victory dance:: See you all next time!

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Thank you, Kristy!

Posted by thistenserunner May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day, everyone! As you can see by my last post, I'm still doing my donation runs and haven't posted a new run in quite awhile. Excluding the one I'll be writing about today, I'll have two more runs to go! Yay!!! Though those two runs total up to about 25 miles so it'll be awhile before I finish them, especially since I'm pretty busy now. Alright, lets cut to the chase!


On May 10 and May 24, I ran at least 3.75 miles for my good friend, Kristy Du, who donated $15 to the Lazarex Cancer Foundation. A little bit about Kristy! I've known Kristy since middle school, but I didn't really know her well until sophomore year of high school on the tennis team and then a lot more in junior year when we shared many classes together (I think Calculus, Spanish 3, Honors Block). One of my favorite memories with her was when we'd write post-it notes in our calculus class to try to stay awake... I guess you can say it didn't really help! Kristy is a wonderful person! She's seriously perky and enthusiastic about everything, which I love because it lightens up the day. She's also very smart and hard working person (I'm not kidding! She can stay at the library for hours, days in a row...) who I had the privilege to have as my roommate for a good majority of my college years at UC Irvine. Overall, Kristy is a great person and is one of the few people who will EVER run with me! If you're reading this Kristy, thank you for being my friend and donating to the Foundation!


Now about the run... Normally I can run 3.75 miles in one run, but my endurance has gradually decreased so I split the run into two 2-mile runs. I know, 2+2=4, but it doesn't hurt to do an extra quarter mile! All I'm going to say is that the first run took place at 24 Hour Fitness and the second run was on my home treadmill. Nothing interesting haha. The two runs were done 2 weeks apart because I had gotten really busy. Plus I messed up my ankle for a bit after the Save Our Sporks 5k. By the way, I need an entry on that! Below is the proof of my run for Kristy. There's 3 pictures because on my second run, my iPod fell and dislodged from my headphones and I had to redo it:


Run for Kristy 1.png


Run for Kristy 2.png


Run for Kristy 3.png

Have a great day!

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Thanks, Minnie!

Posted by thistenserunner May 3, 2011

Greetings! My donation runs are being completed ever so slowly! I’m sorry, I know it’s taking forever! Trust me, it hurts me more than it hurts you. My motivation and energy levels are dwindling so that’s why I’m taking so long. Now lets log in a donation run which I should have already done a week earlier.


On April 16, 20, and 28, I ran a total of at least 6.25 miles for my good friend, Minnie Low, who donated $25 to the Lazarex Cancer Foundation. A little bit about Minnie! I knew OF Minnie in middle school, but I actually didn’t get to know her really well until the summer before our junior year of high school. During that summer my friend, Sita, invited me over to her house for an all girl’s hangout. That’s when I was formally introduced to Minnie. Honestly I didn’t think I’d get along with her so well just because other girls are hard to talk to and I’m a shy person. However, Minnie and I hit it off fairly quickly! I think it helped that we were in a lot of classes together our junior year. We started developing many inside jokes and unspoken languages! I’m glad I met her that school year, especially since junior year is supposed be the “hell year” of high school. She was always there to listen to my problems and brighten up my days! To this day, we’re still really great friends! During our college years, I very much enjoyed my visits to her in San Diego and her visits to me in Irvine! I only wish we were still that close in proximity, but sadly I am back in San Jose. Still, I make sure to talk to her from time to time! If you’re reading this Minnie, thanks for being such an awesome buddy all these years and thank you for the donation! <3


Now about the run… I originally wanted to run Minnie’s donation run in one run, but so much time has passed that my motivation and my endurance has declined. Normally I’d at least do it in two runs, but as you can see, I did it in three. That’s how out of shape I am haha. Hopefully Minnie will forgive me. I’d also go into details about the run, but again, they’re not very interesting. 24 Hour Fitness treadmills. Enough said!


Run for Minnie 1.png


Run for Minnie 2.png


Picture 1.png


Have a great night, everyone!

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Thanks, brother!

Posted by thistenserunner Apr 21, 2011

Hi guys! Lets get straight to the donation run!


On April 13 and 15, I ran a total of at least 6.25 miles for my brother, Jim Hong, who donated $25 to the Lazarex Cancer Foundation. A little bit about Jim! Jim is ultimately the best big brother ever! He’s very kind, smart, and supportive and that says a lot considering I’m an English major struggling to find a job. He’s always there to listen to all my problems and tries to give the best advice he possibly can. For example, when I told him I didn’t want to be a biology major anymore, he said it was okay even though I felt like I’d be a quitter. He reassured me I wouldn’t be “quitting”. Even now as I get depressed about not being able to find a job or figure out what it is I’m supposed to be doing, he still says it’s okay and to take my time. Anyways, he’s also very fun and nerdy (in a good way) and I wouldn’t want to grow up with anyone else! Seriously, my brother is the ONLY one who will understand most of my references and jokes and tolerate my weirdness with absolutely no judgment haha. I can go on and on about how awesome my brother is, but I prefer not to write such a long entry. If you’re reading this brother, thanks for everything! You’re the best!


Now the actual runs… I did the donation run in two runs. The first run was at 24 Hour Fitness and the second run was on my treadmill at home. Nothing too interesting about these runs except they went well, so I won’t go into any details. I have the proof below, although I want to add there are 3 pictures because in my second run, my iPod disconnected from my headphones and then collided into the wall, forcing my Nike+ to stop running so I had to re-input my run.


Run for Jim.png


Run for Jim 2.png

Picture 2.png


Have a great day!

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Thanks, Kevin!

Posted by thistenserunner Apr 13, 2011

Hey guys! Time for my donation run update!


On April 1 and April 5, I ran a donation run for my friend, Kevin Yu, who donated $15 to the Lazarex Cancer Foundation! Now a little bit about Kevin! I met Kevin in my sophomore year of high school in track and field. I was a sprinter and he was a distance runner. I don’t know how we actually started to talk to each other. I think it was through our friend, Mike, who was a year younger and also a distance runner. In one way or another, we formed a small track and field circle of friends in which we called LAM KLAMPZ (the letters each representing the first name of someone in the group). From then on, I started to talk to Kevin a lot more both in track and online. In our junior year, I joined the distance team instead and got to know him even more. I swear, I don’t think I’ve had any class with Kevin, but that doesn’t stop him from being one of my good friends that I still talk today (even if I don’t see him often). Overall, Kevin is a sweet guy. He’s very reliable and always there to cheer me up if I feel like I’m stuck in a rut. Seriously, one small Facebook status about me having a bad day and Kevin is there with some comforting comments! I talked to him way more in high school, but even today, I can IM him or meet up with him and feel totally comfortable. He’s a great guy and I hope he continues to stay that way. If you’re reading this Kevin, thanks for everything and the donation!


Alright, about the run… I had to run at least 3.75 miles for Kevin. Normally I’d do such a distance in one run, but I’ve been out of conditioning and my endurance is declining. I have to build it up again, so I apologize to Kevin for not (wo)man-ing it up and doing it in one go. The runs took place at 24 Hour Fitness and went well. I won’t go into details because it’s boring. Here is my proof:


Run for Kevin.png

Run for Kevin 2.png


Have a great evening!

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Hello friends and users! Once again, I’ve been on a long hiatus in updating my donation runs (about a month to be exact) and I’m here to catch up! For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, I promised I would run ¼ of a mile for every dollar donated to the Lazarex Cancer Foundation last year while I was training for the 2010 San Jose Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon. That race is long over, but I’m still doing what I call “donation runs” for people who donated. I’m so slow and behind! As of this day, I have 5 more people to run for and will update every time I finish them.


Today I wanted to log in a donation run I did over a month ago, but never got around to writing a blog post for because I became very busy. Lets begin shall we?


On February 19 and 25, I ran a total of about 6.25 miles for Janice Tran, who donated $25 to the Lazarex Cancer Foundation! Now a little bit about Janice… I’ve known Janice for about 9-10 years now, considering she’s my brother’s girlfriend. She’s the greatest! She’s like the older sister I’ve never had and I can’t imagine my life without her! She’s pretty much been there throughout my years of growing up from an annoying, adolescent teeny-bopper to a college graduate! She has witnessed or heard about many events in my life, like my junior and senior prom or my numerous crushes over the years haha. Though I never saw her much when she went to college and then when I, myself, went to college, she was always there to help me on late night high school English papers or to listen to my random stories or rants online, especially the times where I was bored in my class lectures and needed entertainment. Overall, Janice is a smart, sweet, and hardworking person and I hope she gets everything in life and more because she deserves it! If you’re reading this Janice, thank you for the donation and for always being there and being awesome! I heart you very much haha!


Now about the run… Considering that was a month ago, I don’t remember anything about it. It was run at 24 Hour Fitness and I probably did weights like I always do. I’m sure Janice can forgive me on skipping the details because it’s boring anyways! I did the runs in two runs. Here is the proof:


Run for Janice 1.png


Run for Janice 2.png


I also finished a donation run for my friend, Kevin, yesterday but I'll update on that a different day. Have a great evening, everyone!

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Thank you, Long Lam!

Posted by thistenserunner Feb 26, 2011

Hi, guys! Time to log in my past donation runs!


On February 3 (Thursday), I ran my donation run for my good pal, Long Lam, who donated $15 to the Lazarex Cancer Foundation! I know, I know! That was 23 days ago! I'm clearly very behind in updates! Alright, a little bit about Long. I first met Long in the 8th grade in my math and PE class. He transferred part of the way during the school year. I didn't talk too him too much in math, but my fondest memory of him was in PE. Every Wednesday, students are required to run a mile (which by the way, I terribly hated). In alphabetical order, he sat behind me on the blacktop. Each Wednesday after the run, I'd ask him how fast he ran the mile. It became routine. He didn't talk much English back then, but he was really nice! I wouldn't really run into Long again until our junior year of high school in which we had the same AP Physics class! It had only been two years, but boy he was a differen't person! He was much much taller, could speak English fluently, and was quite talkative. Junior year was THE year that we would become great friends from that day on! Overall, what you need to know is that Long is an awesome person! He's very intelligent, reliable, and outgoing! I wouldn't trade him for the world! Even though we're pretty opposite in certain ways (me an introvert and him a big extrovert), he's always had my back in everything and doesn't judge me if I'm not as exciting as he is haha. He's also quite a character. For example in high school English our senior year, he knew I had many great ideas, but was too shy to express them. What does he do? He raises my hand for me and tells the teacher I have a comment to make. That's Long for you! If you're reading this Long, thanks for the donation and being a great friend!


About the run... Since Long donated $15, that meant I had to run 3.75 miles. That's exactly what I did! Unforunately I don't remember anything about this run since it was too long ago! I apologize, but I bet Long doesn't really care for a detailed description of a tedious run. All you need to know is that I ran it on a treadmill at 24 Hourt Fitness like I always do. Here's the proof of my run for Long:


Run for Long.png

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Thanks, Ron Tuason!

Posted by thistenserunner Feb 20, 2011

Hello, friends! Like always, I hope you're all having a wonderful and relaxing Sunday night! In my last entry (or was it the entry before that?), I mentioned I had done two donation runs that I had not yet logged in and would do so soon... Well it has been more than two weeks later and I obviously haven't done that so it's time for catching up! Before I begin, I want to say that I did not run at all the week following the San Francisco 5K. I was really sore and decided to just take the week off. The week after however was just due to me being lazy and the weather being unmotivating. Very simple explanation. Alright, lets log in one donation run today!


On January 28 and Feburary 21, I completed the donation run for my boyfriend, Ron Tuason, who donated $25 to the Lazarex Cancer Foundation! A little bit about Ron! I met Ron in my first year in college! We lived in the same dorm and were both biological science majors at the time (although I'm an English graduate now). He was in my first bio sci class and would eventually be in many more of my classes such as chemistry and undergraduate writing! Obviously we hit it off and became boyfriend and girlfriend that same school year until now haha. Overall, Ron is a sweet guy and supports me in all my endeavors, whether running or school-related! For example, I told him he didn't have to donate to this cause just because he was my boyfriend... He already donated a lot to my first cause (Cystic Fibrosis Foundation) and I didn't want him to have to spend money he might not have at the time (you know, cause being college students we might be low on money), but he donated to Lazarex anyways. Yay! Ron is also a humorous and smart guy and he remembers all the little things about me or the little things I say. Anyways, best boyfriend ever! If you're reading this Ron, thank you for the donation!


Now about the donation run! Since Ron donated $25, that meant I had to run at least 6.25 miles. I did just that in two runs. Considering those runs were done about 20 something days ago, I really can't remember how my run was. All I remember was I ran it on a treadmill at 24 Hour Fitness and I most likely did weights. I wish I could be more detailed, but either way, the details would probably be boring. I think Ron can forgive me if I don't describe those runs. Here is my proof of the runs:


Run for Ron 1.png


Run for Ron 2.png


Alright, have a great night! I will update my other late donation run post ASAP!

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Hello everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic day! My day has been long and tiring, but quite rewarding! If you can't tell by the title of this blogpost, I ran the Kaiser Permanente San Francisco 5k today with a few of my friends, which was a real treat because I've never run an event with other people before. Let me begin by first telling you how this group run started! My friend, Kristy, has been wanting to enter races so as a Secret Santa gift, her cousin, Tiffany, bought her registration for the KP 5K! To make the event more lively and fun, Kristy and Tiffany turned the 5K into a group event and invited friends to run and that's how there came to be a group of 6 people entering the 5K run: Kristy, Tiffany, Kevin, Christine, Steven, and me! On a side note, this was my first 5K.


Last night (the night before the race), I had to end my Chinese / Vietnamese New Year festivities early, leaving my grandpa's house by myself at 11pm. I got home, picked out some songs that would pump me up for about 35 minutes, got my clothes and stuff together that I was going to bring ready, and hopped into bed by 12am. Of course falling asleep was a tragedy. I just kept tossing and turning. It didn't have much to do with nerves... Though I was a tad nervous. It had more to do about worrying about not getting enough rest (since I had to get up at 5am) and the fact that I volunteered myself to drive to San Francisco, which is not something I've done before. I feared I would make the wrong turns and half of us would miss the race because we had to split into two cars (Steven wasn't able to borrow his dad's SUV).


So today as I said, I woke up at 5am... I brushed my teeth, ate oatmeal and a chewy bar, drank coffee, and watched part of Scrubs on DVD. I really wanted a banana, but of course on the day I want to eat one, I don't have any. I get into my brother's car and it's pitch black. I am disoriented, thinking it's still night time. I get to Kristy's at around 6:05am and chat with Kristy until she was ready and got to Tiffany's house around 6:30. We left into our two cars (with Kristy and Kevin in my car) towards San Francisco at 6:40 and get there at around 7:30am. The drive actually wasn't bad at all! No traffic... pretty straight driving... I made all the right turns until we get to the parking structure and I'm in the wrong lane. With everyone antsy to get to the race, there was no chance we'd be able to get back in that line so we ended up parking in a visitor parking structure at St. Mary's hospital. I wasn't aware it was a hospital at the time... We were now running late and pretty far from the starting line, so we just left most of our things in the car, including my camera. Instead I brought along my iPhone. We started walking to the starting line untilwe found out it would take about a mile to get there, so a majority of us starting jogging (especially since a good majority of us needed to hit the porta potties beforehand). Kristy and I go on ahead in our jogging... We get to the race in time, but didn't realize we were standing in a slower corral so it took us a lot of time to weave in and out of the crowds at the beginning of the race. After the race started, I ran at my own pace with Kristy disappearing from view. By chance I ran pass Christine and Tiffany who cheered me on.


The race was scenic, being in Golden Gate Park and all. It also went by really fast... The 1 mile jog to the starting line wore me out so I was already kind of tired after the first mile! There was water at the 1.5 mark, but I decided not to get any. I felt excessive by having a iPod nano strapped to my arm and then my iPhone in my hand haha, but for the record I hadn't planned on bringing my phone. I just needed it for the camera. The race itself was over in an instant, with Kristy finishing before me and cheering me on! After the finish, I continue to walk down and get free water, a shirt, and a goodie bag! I then run into Kevin who has also finished the race and we go find everyone. In the middle of searching, we hears cheers! It turns out a guy was proposing to his girlfriend who was running the 5K race! It was really cute! Once we found everyone, we took pictures and then checked out the expo, getting free samples. Next we were figuring out how to get to the shuttle to take us back to the start, but ended up watching the half marathoners, taking more pictures, and attempting to get back to the parking structure by foot... Little did we know it would take forever.


Instead of reaching the parking structure, we went to go eat at a Japanese Noodle place, which wouldn't open for another 15 minutes so we sat outside like hungry, tired, bums... After a fulfilling meal, we walked to the parking structure, said our goodbyes to the people in opposite cars and drove back home!


I got home, took a shower, and finished off my day by sleepily watching the Steelers vs. Packers Superbowl! By the way, Go Packers! Yup, and that was my 5K! It was very enjoyable and I hope to do it again with lots of people! It's always fun to race with others!


Here are some pictures I took with my iPhone:



At the finish.



Me with my former college roommate, Kristy! Our first race together!



One more group picture! Behind us are the half marathon runners!


And my results (pretty decent for someone who paces for the half marathon; I'm not trained in 5K):

KP 5k Results.png



Alright, have a pleasant night everyone! I'll report back with my two donation runs I did last week in my next blog post!

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Happy Lunar New Years, everyone! I hope your day is going splendid whether or not you celebrate the holiday or not! I am blogging today to update you all on another donation run that I ran last week, but was too busy to log in. I've actually ran 3 donation runs since my last post, but I will only talk about one of them today because I've got to run (no pun intended).


Last Wednesday on January 26, I did my donation run for my friend, Vivian Duong, who donated $15 to the Lazarex Cancer Foundation. You may not know this, but this is actually Vivian's second donation on my donation page! She first donated $10 back in March and told me she would donate again later on once she got more money. Six months passed and she kept her word! In September, she donated $15, totaling up to $25! Normally I would think people would forget such a promise and thus I wouldn't hold them to it, but Vivian proved me wrong! If you're reading this Vivian, you are SO awesome and thank you for your second donation! Speaking of what I also normally do... I would usually write a little bit about the person who donated, but considering I already did that in an old entry, I don't want to be repetitive. You can go back to my April 12, 2010 post to read all about Vivian! However, for the sake of a shoutout to Vivian, I would like to say again that she's a wonderful person, who I met in high school. She's about 1-2 years younger (I forget). Also you know she's cool because she donated twice and kept her promise!


Now the run... I ran at least 3.75 miles for Vivian at 24 Hour Fitness. It was a decent run, but tedious as usual on the treadmill. Afterwards, I worked out my biceps, triceps, quads, and hamstrings. It was a week ago so I can't really remember, but I do remember I didn't do too many weights. Sorry if that was a lame description, Vivian... I really can't remember and if I did, it would probably be just as boring!


Alright, here's my run for Vivian:


Run for Vivian.png


In other news, I will be running the Kaiser Permanente 5k in San Francisco with some friends this upcoming Sunday. I'll have an actual post about it once I run it.


Have a great evening, everyone!

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Hi guys! It's that time again... A donation run update! I am really lagging in logging in my donation runs. As always, I apologize. I'm just so lazy. Lets get to it!


On January 18 (Tuesday), I ran a donation run for Maryann Freitas, who donated $15 to the Lazarex Cancer Foundation! I first met Maryann in high school. I want to say it was in a class, but honestly, I can't remember if we had class together haha. My best memory of meeting Maryann was in the track and field team of our sophomore year. She was a thrower and I was a sprinter. I don't know Maryann too well, but from what I remember, she was a very nice person! She's also our best girl thrower, helping us get them points for our team! My best memory with Maryann was when I was at the track with Diana Dang and Cathy Le on a nonschool day to do some runs. Diana Truong might have been there too, it's been awhile... Anyways we were there at the track doing some runs and Maryann was on the field practicing her throws so we went up to her to say hi. Then she taught us how to throw... I forget what exactly we were throwing. It was either the shotput or the discus. I want to say it was the discus. I attempt to throw it and utterly fail! I already knew I couldn't throw it very far, but turns out I can't throw it straight either. Maryann watches us throw the discuses a few times, probably smiling at how horrible we are haha. Anyways, Maryann is awesome! Such a throwing arm! I applaud her... Those things are heavy! If you're reading this Maryann, I just wanted so say thanks for the donation and being so nice to me! I know that was awhile ago when you donated it, but it's difficult to get a lot of my runs in every week! Hope you're doing well.


Now the run... I ran at least 3.75 miles for Maryann at 24 Hour Fitness. As usual, the run went fine. Nothing bad I can really say about it. Afterwards, I worked out my biceps, triceps, hamstrings, and quads. I didn't do much weights cause the run took up a lot of my time. Here's the proof:


Picture 8.png


On January 19, I decided to just work out on the bicycle at 24 Hour Fitness for about 25 minutes. I wanted my muscles to heal so I could run 6.25 miles for Jaydi the next day. After bicycling, I worked out my legs: hamstrings, quads, calves, hips. I even tried out a new leg machine... I think it just works the hamstrings/quads. I also did back workouts and crunches. My healing / light workout didn't go as planned because the next day I was really sore and couldn't do my long run. I took the day off instead.


On January 21 (Friday), I did my donation run for Jennifer Dang (aka Jaydi), who donated $25 to the Lazarex Cancer Foundation. I met Jaydi in my senior year of high school in Californians for Justice (CFJ), a nonprofit organization / on-campus club. I think she was a sophomore at the time. I'm actually her older sister's friend, but that's some side information! Anyways, I joined CFJ and Jaydi was one of the members to give me a little tour of the CFJ office which was off campus. She was really friendly. I always enjoyed talking to her because she's so energetic and entertaining! She makes me laugh with her crazy nonsense haha. Jaydi was also a very dedicated member! She'd volunteer to lead certain meetings, do assignments, participate in the rallies, etc.! I wish I was THAT dedicated, but sadly I was not. I blame half of it on seniorits! Hm what else? I remember her calling me, Diana, and Cathy crazy a lot for running so much. Of course there are more memories, but I'm getting really sleepy and can't recall anything more at the moment. I apologize, Jaydi! If you're reading this, I just want to say thank you for donating so much to the Lazarex Cancer Foundation! $25 is not a small amount!


The run... I ran at home on the treadmill. I didn't want to run it on the treadmill at 24 Hourt Fitness because people would think I was crazy for running so many miles on a treadmill. I keep it private at home haha. I don't run outside because I'm not allowed to run alone. Boo! Anyways, I pop in my Aladdin movie and hope onto the treadmill with my iPod and get started. The first 3 miles went swell! Then walked for a bit. Then I ran another 2 miles or so until my legs started hurting. No fear though because I pushed forward. Overall, it was an okay run! I think it could have been better, but it wasn't bad. I am beginning to realize that 6 miles is my average distance before my leg muscles fail on me haha. Maybe I should stop doing halfs and do 10ks! Note to self: Get a knee brace already. Alright, here's the proof of my run:


Picture 6.png


Have a good night, everyone!

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Thanks, Jon and Bevelyn!

Posted by thistenserunner Jan 14, 2011

The entry below was written on January 8 on a plane, but I never had time to post it:


Good afternoon, everyone! You guys can’t tell, but I’m currently writing this blogpost on an airplane heading to Orange County. I figure I have two donation runs to log in and when better to do it than an hour plane ride, right? In case you’re curious, I’m going to the OC to visit my college friends. It’s been about 5 months since I’ve been back, so I’m really excited to see not only my friends, but the familiar cities in the OC. I was set on seeing William Mason Park again and going for a nice run like I use to, but sadly I won’t be able to do it. I don’t think there will be enough time for me to go out on a run, considering I’m only in Irvine for a few days, so I didn’t bring my running shoes. ::sigh:: Oh well, maybe next time… Speaking of running (although when will I NOT talk about running in a running blog?), I guess that also means I won’t be getting in any exercise for a whole week. It’s going to drive me crazy! I wonder if some of my fellow 24 Hour Fitness gym-goes will notice I’m gone haha. I’ll just have to settle with running, jumping, and skipping around randomly throughout the week!


Alright, the donation runs! On December 31 (Friday) and January 5 (Wednesday), I completed my donation run for Jon Kenyon, who donated $25 to the Lazarex Cancer Foundation. A little bit about Jon... Jon is my cousin, Christina’s, fiancé! I don’t remember how long I’ve known him. I want to say at least 4 years plus or minus another year haha. Or I could be totally off. Jon is a cool, chill and nice guy. He seems to always have something interesting to say, whether small or big. I think it has to do with him flying around a lot for business so he has a lot to see. Too bad I have nothing interesting stories to offer, especially that I have no school or work! He used to be in cross country (in high school?) so that’s cool! More to the pool of runners! Anyways, Jon is a great guy and I am happy to officially welcome him into the family in a few more months! Thanks for the donation!


Now the actual runs… Since Jon donated $25, I would run at least 6.25 miles. I decided to split his run into two 3.25 runs. I wish I could specify what I did on the first run, but it was quite awhile ago. All I can say is that I ran it on a treadmill at 24 Hour Fitness and did some weights. The second run was also on a treadmill at 24 Hour Fitness. I avoided working out any arm muscles that day. I was short on time so I worked just worked out all my leg muscles and did some back workouts. Overall, those days were pretty good. I don’t remember being that tired on the run or anything. Here is the proof my run for Jon:


Picture 5.png

Picture 6.png


I also did a donation run for my friend, Bevelyn Pang, who donated $10 to the Lazarex Cancer Foundation on January 6 (Thursday). Some words about Bev… I met Bev in my 1st year of college in the dorms. She lived in the same suite as me. She was one of the few girls in the hall that I’d talk with at the time. I started living in the same apartment as her (but not the same room) in our 3rd and 4th year. Bev is a cool person! Our friends like to make fun of her and point out how Asian she is… By that we mean she owns a whole lot of stuff from Hong Kong and likes almost all things Asian haha. Back when I lived with her, she bought a lot of crap. I’m serious, every week was a new delivery. I was a little disappointed just cause the mail wasn’t for me. All college students love mail… ANY mail! What else? She was the only one in our apartment who was in a science/engineering sorority, which she told me to join. I considered it, but then I changed my major to English and couldn’t do it anymore. Overall, Bev is a great and fun person. If you’re reading this Bev, thanks for the donation.


For your information, Bev was actually the last person who donated (typical Bev, just kidding). However, I did her run a little earlier than some people because it suited my schedule. Her run is the last SHORT 2.5 mile run I will be doing. I’m a little sad! 3 miles + from now on when it comes to donation runs! About the run… The run was good… Ran it on a treadmill at 24 Hour Fitness. Afterwards, I worked out my biceps, triceps, quads, hamstrings, hips, calves, and abs. Yup, pretty much everything but my lower back. The next day, I was really sore. It was a good thing I didn’t have time to go to the gym the next day! Here’s the proof my run for Bev:


Picture 8.png


Sorry so long, you guys! I wanted to log in my two donation runs before I get lazy and forget! Have a great day!

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Hello, 2011!

Posted by thistenserunner Jan 2, 2011

Happy New Year, everyone! It's the first week of the year and you know what that means! Reflection and resolutions!


I think 2010 treated me really well, in terms of both running and life in general. I had a wonderful 4th and last school year at UC Irvine. Grades were good, classes were interesting, went to Disneyland about 2-3 times, and had a blast with my friends and family. I did some new things for the first time like finally driving the crazy fast 405 freeway in Socal and going to a spa haha. And of course, I graduated college with lots of my family driving down to see me! Also, my dad (who had been laid off) and brother eventually found jobs so I'm very grateful for that! In terms of running, 2010 was my best year yet. I ran my second half marathon (the San Jose Rock 'N Roll Half) and even after the race, I'm still running a decent amount thanks to my donation runs! I'm serious... When I finished the OC Half, I stopped running for a LONG time. If I ran, it was very sporadic when I would do it. My 24 Hour Fitness membership keeps me busy! Now that I'm back home, I'm making up for lost times (from being in college) with my family and that's been going great! I really love being around all my cousins! Overall, a great year! Alright, now lets take a look at my running stats for 2010, which my Nike+ has recorded:


Picture 5.png


This chart makes me laugh. I really wonder what happened in March and June. I assume it was finals week in March and I was on Spring break. Then for June, it was finals week, graduation, and post graduation break. Yeah... That's probably it. According to the Nike+ site, I ran about 223 miles, although I probably ran about 20 miles more than that because of the SJ Half and other runs I might not have recorded. I average 2 runs a week and 5 miles a week. Apparently I burned around 18,675 calories and my best month of running was in August, when I ran 54 miles. Pretty decent right?


Okay, moving on to 2011. To be honest, I think 2011 might be rough... Or at least, I'm going to have quite a shaky start. Since I've graduated in June and since I've started looking in late September, I haven't found a job yet. It's making me really worried. I really wish I had some internships or past jobs during my college years to make me competitive, but sadly I do not. Not that I am lazy, but because I was a little scared I couldn't juggle everything. That, and I didn't have a car in Irvine so it was difficult to get around. In my first year, I was a biology major and that took up so much of my time. My grades were bad and there was no time to think about internships and jobs. I changed my major to English halfway through my second year, but my experience in bio still made me too scared to really do anything else. Then 4th year I learned too late of such opportunities and how helpful internships could be. I really hope to find an editor position (or something related, like a copyeditor) or technical writing position very soon. Better yet, I think my ideal job is to do anything to do with running, exercising, and writing/editing all together! Anything, but stay at home and be a bum all day for a year. I have to stay positive right? Let the doors open!


Usually I'm not much of a resolution kind of person, mostly because I can't really think of anything good to improve on. I hate general, broad resolutions, but this year I've decided to make some resolutions. Here they are:


1. Run at least a total of 300 miles by the end of 2011.

2. Run 3 races, one of which is another half marathon in another city (possibly San Francisco).

3. Do at least one Nike+ Challenge.

4. Go to at least 3 turbokick boxing classes at 24 Hour Fitness (since I've had trouble finding the time and courage to go now that I don't have Irvine's ARC membership to have Kristine as my instructor).

5. Buy new, legit running shoes! No more $35 shoes!

6. Find a job.


Hm, I can't think of anymore right now, but if I do, I'll add it onto the list. On a slightly random note, this isn't really a resolution, but more of a fun goal. I hope to attend a showing of Conan's late night show in 2011!


Have a great new year, fellow family, friends, and Active users!

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Happy New Years Eve, everyone! I hope you all have had a great year! If not, then I wish that 2011 will be much better! I can go into all that New Years talk in this blog, but considering it is still New Years Eve, I'll talk about that in a different blog post either tomorrow or within the first week of January. For today, I just want to finish logging in my two donation runs that I finished within the last week, but didn't get to blog about. I also ran half a donation run today, but because it's not completed, I'll wait for the next year to talk about it. Alright, lets begin.


On December 26 (Sunday), I ran a donation run for Jennifer Nhem, who donated $15 to the Lararex Cancer Foundation! I first met Jennifer in my junior year of high school in our Physics AP class. She sat next to Teresa, behind me and my friend, Andy. I already kind of knew Teresa (although I forget how), so I would often turn around to talk to her. Of course it would be rude if I didn't say hi to Jennifer and introduce myself too haha. As the class went on and the more projects we were assigned, I got to know Jennifer a lot more. She usually worked in group projects with Teresa, Jimmy, and Vi and I always wanted to work with them. I got my wish when we had the "bridge" project where we had to build a bridge out of toothpicks. It was Jennifer, Teresa, and me and it was a fun project to work on together! My best memory of Jennifer is that whole year of physics! A lot of people in our physics class were pretty close, so we had a lot of get togethers after a big project playing boardgames and eating pizza. Those were good times! I haven't seen Jennifer in a long time, but from what I remember, she is a nice and quiet friend. Perhaps now she isn't as quiet, but I wouldn't know! I hope she's doing well! If you're reading this Jennifer, thank you for donating to the Foundation, even though I haven't seen you in awhile. The Foundation needs all the support it can get and I thank you for taking the time out to make a contribution!


Now the run... Since it was a Sunday, I was able to go to the gym with my brother (I usually go alone). Jennifer donated $15 so that meant I would run at least 3.75 miles and that's what I did. I hopped onto the treadmill and ran and ran and ran. It took up a lot of time so that's pretty much all I did at the gym. My brother was just doing weights and by the time I was done running, he did all the weights he wanted to do. Therefore we left. The run itself was really good. I had a lot of energy and increased in pace with ease. OH and I got to try out my new half-zip up hoody that my cousins, Tiffany, Christina, and Breanna got me for Christmas. I ran in it for a mile, but then I had to tear it off. It's not the dri-fit material I wanted, which would maybe keep me cool the whole run, but it's all good. I still love the mesh feeling regardless to warm up in! Alright, here's the proof of my run for Jennifer:


Jennifer's Run.png


On December 27 (Monday), I ran a donation run for my good friend, Grace Tam, who donated $10 to the Lazarex Cancer Foundation! A little bit about Grace... I first met Grace in my first year in college. She lived in the same dorm as me on the third floor. She's part of a group of girls I refer to as the "third floor girls" because many people in the dorm never saw or knew who the third floor girls were haha. I was a 2nd floor person. Even though we were in the same dorm, we only had a convo or two together. We didnt' really get to know each other until our second year when we had a Classical Mythology class together and I would visit her and my other former girl dormmates who all lived in the same apartment. Then in 3rd year and 4th year, we ended up living in the same off-campus apartment, although we weren't roommates. We were the usual two who were always at the apartment, and thus we shared a lot of inside jokes, interests, understanding, and bum status haha. Overall, Grace is an awesome person! Though I make fun of her a lot, it's all in good fun! I consider her as one of my close friends and I'm glad I met her. A bonus is that she lives in San Jose too! Turns out she went to a different high school so now that I'm back home, I still get to chill with her! If you're reading this Grace, thank you so much for being a great friend and thank you for your donation!


For Grace's run, I had to run 2.5 miles. The run was good! Easy peasy! That is, there were no pains in my knees and I didn't run out of energy right away. There's not much to say about a run on a treadmill. The scenery is the same. Treadmill on my left. Treadmill on my right. Elliptical in the front haha. After my run, I worked out my biceps, triceps, quads, hamstrings, lower back, and abs. I think I avoided the calves and hip machines that day. It was too long ago. Here is the proof of my run for Grace:


Run for Grace.png


The next day, I avoidded doing a donation run. I was pretty sore from the previous two days so I decided to just do a nice 20 minute run on the elliptical. Then I did weights for the rest of the time. That's all.


Okay, have a wonderful New Years Eve!

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Thanks, Stacey!

Posted by thistenserunner Dec 28, 2010

Good evening, everyone! Since my last blog, I've ran three donation runs, but I haven't logged any of them in yet in this blog. I warn you that I am currently very sleepy and you have to forgive any major grammar mistakes I may make while writing this post. I can write this later but I know that I'll just keep racking up the runs and I'll never blog! Lets begin!


About a week ago on December 22, I ran a donation run for my cousin, Stacey Ho, who donated $10 to the Lazarex Cancer Foundation. A little bit about Stacey. Stacey had complained a few days prior to the run that I was running all these runs for everyone but her. I told her it was because I was trying to go in order of who donated first with the exception of some runs fitting conveniently into the little time I sometimes I have. Considering it was going to be her birthday soon, I figure I'd run one for her on her birthday and then blog about it the same day! However, I failed at this. Her birthday is on December 23 and I ran it on December 22, THINKING it was the 23rd haha. I guess I could have ran it again on the real day, but I didn't have time the actual day. Instead, I figure I would just blog about it on the right day, but I didn't have time for that either. So if you're reading this Stacey, I apologize for my lateness haha. Anyways, Stacey is a high school sophomore. My cousin, Tiffany, and I agree that she's very similar to me... a younger version in terms of our quiet, yet sarcastic personality. Though I have to admit, Stacey's cooler, more carefree, and has a much better fashion sense. Stacey and I have talked a lot more since I've graduated and returned home from college. We joke around a lot together and I like to tell her how annoying she is (because she is!). She's a big Harry Potter fan just like me. Oh and she's in cross country and can kick younger me (and probably current me) in a 5k race. Overall, Stacey is an awesome cousin and I'm glad to have her company! However, not too much company cause she's annoying. Just kidding! Thanks for donating, Stacey! I appreciate it!


Now the actual run... I owed Stacey at least 2.5 miles. I ran at 24 Hour Fitness on a boring treadmill. It was a good run. As you can see by the picture beow, it was a nice, constant run. No problem at all while bopping to my music haha. Afterwards since I had a lot of time, I worked out on every machine I usually like to use: triceps, biceps, quads, hamstrings, calves, lower back, and abs. Yeah that's all. My runs at the gym are very boring to describe. It's always the same. I need to learn how to use more machines or do other workouts. On a side note, I've been going to the gym around the same time and I'm beginning to recognize people. It's pretty cool. Maybe I'll learn names.


Here is the proof of my run for Stacey.


Stacey's Run.png


Alright, I am way too tired and lazy to write the next two donation runs. I'll update tomorrow or the day after. Have a great evening, people!

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