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Running Proposal

Posted by thistenserunner on Apr 2, 2010 5:40:35 PM

As some of you may already know, I will be running the San Jose Rock n' Roll Half Marathon on Oct. 10, 2010 in support of the Lazarex Cancer Foundation. My goal is to try to raise at least $800 by late September. Seeing how I've raised only about $88 in the past 3 months, I am becoming very concerned and my morale is going down the drain. I'm a shy person. I hate asking people for money! It's not my thing! BUT I love helping people and the community. To try to compensate for my shyness and encourage people to donate, I am dedicated to running 1/4 of a mile for every dollar you donate. Yes, it may appear to be a desperate attempt, but I am very dedicated to this cause. With the economy as it is now and people losing their jobs or having difficulty finding a job, cancer treatment costs are soaring. Even if the economy wasn't bad, treatment is stll expensive to afford. So please, I urge you to help me raise money to help cancer patients obtain financial assistance. Like I've been saying, the economy is bad, but every little donation counts.


Call me crazy, but I WILL run 1/4 of a mile for every dollar you donate. Why should my proposal matter to you? What's in it for you, you may ask? Well to be honest, nothing. There doesn't need to be a reward for helping others. BUT think of it this way. You'll feel great because your donation contributes to saving a life. Secondly, I love running, but with running takes time as well as a physical toll on my body. No matter how much I love it, it gets difficult. So for every donation, you can get a kick out of me suffering (haha I'm sort of kidding). Either way, I'm trying to prove through my initative that I am dedicated to supporting the Lazarex Cancer Foundation. In the next few weeks, expect blog posts / video posts of my dedication runs to all donors, including the people who have already donated.


I am very serious. Thank you for your time!


To make a donation, please go to: My Donation Page

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