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Irvine 24 Hour / Thanks, Ann!

Posted by thistenserunner on Jul 10, 2010 11:40:01 PM

Even after I have returned to Irvine for only about 1.5 weeks, I have still not been able to settle down and get my running / exercise schedule in order. With  a 4th of July celebration, hanging with friends, and a visit from my two cousins, it's hard to get going on my running. Not only that, but I still have grad schools to look into, GREs to study for, a resume to fix up, and job searching to do. The list never ends. I know, I know, more excuses! But it can't be helped! I just graduated and I just want to relax and have fun. I bet by the time I get settled in Irvine, I'll have to leave again and settle back at home. And I thought this summer would be relaxing! It's turning out to be more stressful. There's way too many things to do!


So back to exercise. Last Saturday, I walked into the UC Irvine 24 Hour Fitness location for the first time. I felt really lost. I'm those type of people who's too embarrassed to explore the gym by myself or test out the gym equipement. I don't like looking confused because I feel I look silly haha. I ran on the treadmill for about 2 miles and then another 2 miles on the elliptical. I wasn't running it for anyone though (in terms of donation). I was just running to run. That's the fun of running isn't it? After the run, I decided to find hamstring/quad machines and the tricep/bicep machines. The leg machines were easy to understand and operate. Usually they're all similar. The tricep/bicep machines on the other hand were confusing. They were nothing like the ones I use at the ARC or the other 24 Hour Fitness back at home. You should have seen me. I just stared at the machines in confusion, not knowing how to adjust it to my liking because there are so many adjustments. Luckily I was brave enough to ask the man next to me how to adjust it and he nicely told me what to do. I don't like the machines though. They feel awkward and difficult to use.


Six days later, which is today, I went back to 24 Hour Fitness. I ran on the treadmill for at least 2.5 miles for Ann Sandoval who donated $10 to the Lazarex Cancer Foundation. A little about Ann. So I meant Ann in high school when I joined a nonprofit organization called Californians for Justice. I don't know Ann really well, but from those CFJ days and the times I did see her again at CFJ reunion meetings, she is a very nice and spunky person! She's really cool and it's alway a pleasure to talk to her. She was very outspoken in CFJ and was a great help in rallies in terms of getting educational justice for our school district! Yup, so based on what I have seen from her, she's a very helpful and caring person. Ann doesn't know me too well either, but she still donated to my cause and that's saying a lot about her character. What a caring person right? If you're reading this Ann, thank you for your donation and thanks for being such a great person! I appreciate it and so will the cancer patients who will receive your money.


After the run, I did the same 4 machines. I wanted to branch out, but I was too afraid and decided not to. Maybe a different day.


Oh, and here's the proof of my run for Ann:


Picture 1.png


Now for those of you out there reading this who do not know who I am, I know you may not know me, but if you're interested in helping cancer patients afford clinical treatment and options, please consider donating to the Lazarex Cancer Foundation at my donation site. As people who are a part of of the Active community just like me, I know all of us have similar goals. It is to participate in sports and occasionally, to support a cause. Help me in my cause too. Whoever you are, I'll be grateful! Lets battle cancer together!


By the way, half marathon training starts in 2 days! Time to get serious!


Have an awesome, Saturday night everyone!

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