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Thank you, Kristy!

Posted by thistenserunner on May 30, 2011 12:00:00 PM

Happy Memorial Day, everyone! As you can see by my last post, I'm still doing my donation runs and haven't posted a new run in quite awhile. Excluding the one I'll be writing about today, I'll have two more runs to go! Yay!!! Though those two runs total up to about 25 miles so it'll be awhile before I finish them, especially since I'm pretty busy now. Alright, lets cut to the chase!


On May 10 and May 24, I ran at least 3.75 miles for my good friend, Kristy Du, who donated $15 to the Lazarex Cancer Foundation. A little bit about Kristy! I've known Kristy since middle school, but I didn't really know her well until sophomore year of high school on the tennis team and then a lot more in junior year when we shared many classes together (I think Calculus, Spanish 3, Honors Block). One of my favorite memories with her was when we'd write post-it notes in our calculus class to try to stay awake... I guess you can say it didn't really help! Kristy is a wonderful person! She's seriously perky and enthusiastic about everything, which I love because it lightens up the day. She's also very smart and hard working person (I'm not kidding! She can stay at the library for hours, days in a row...) who I had the privilege to have as my roommate for a good majority of my college years at UC Irvine. Overall, Kristy is a great person and is one of the few people who will EVER run with me! If you're reading this Kristy, thank you for being my friend and donating to the Foundation!


Now about the run... Normally I can run 3.75 miles in one run, but my endurance has gradually decreased so I split the run into two 2-mile runs. I know, 2+2=4, but it doesn't hurt to do an extra quarter mile! All I'm going to say is that the first run took place at 24 Hour Fitness and the second run was on my home treadmill. Nothing interesting haha. The two runs were done 2 weeks apart because I had gotten really busy. Plus I messed up my ankle for a bit after the Save Our Sporks 5k. By the way, I need an entry on that! Below is the proof of my run for Kristy. There's 3 pictures because on my second run, my iPod fell and dislodged from my headphones and I had to redo it:


Run for Kristy 1.png


Run for Kristy 2.png


Run for Kristy 3.png

Have a great day!

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