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December 2007

As we close down the holiday season, the people at Sony have one more gift to give for those of you who might be interested in the Sony GPS unit I have mentioned a few times in my blog posts. The Sony team has a 20% discount offer on the GPS unit until 1/31/08 when you purchase it from The GPS unit is pretty cool if you are on the go as much as I am. I have a large card in my camera and always have it with me . . . sometimes it is difficult to remember where each picture was from. The sony GPS unit allows me to map each picture's location so that I can recall where I was when I took the picture. If anyone is interested in finding out more about the GPS unit, visit and if you would like to receive your 20% discount go to




Feel free to let me know if you have any additional questions about the GPS unit.



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Newport boat parade

Posted by travelgirl Dec 27, 2007

Every year the beach cities in Los Angeles and Orange county have lighted boat parades to celebrate the holidays. Gary's company rented a boat in the Newport parade for their annual holiday party and the festivities continued through the night. Of all the boat parades, Newport has to be my favorite. They sail around Balboa island where so many of the houses are lit up and the views from shore and on the water are equally amazing. Here are a few of my favorite shots from the evening. I should warn you - I got a little creative and artsy with my camera.

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Holidays down under

Posted by travelgirl Dec 22, 2007

I almost forgot to tell you about my brief trip down under.  I knew that the Australian seasons were a little different then the US seasons but I must admit I was not expecting 100* (f) weather. It was a little strange to be walking down the streets in Cairns wearing a tank top and shorts while Holiday music blasted from the outdoor speakers. As unusual as it was for this American, the trip was an amazing experience. The people we met were delightful and I even had some of the local residents eating out of my hand as you can see from my pictures!

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sf during the holidays

Posted by travelgirl Dec 21, 2007

Another trip to the ice regions of California took me past the Golden Gate Bridge, Exploratorium, and the water front. Thanks to all my friends who took time out to hang out with me once again! Union Square is so beautiful during the holidays. Here are a couple of quick shots for you to enjoy. I will post more when I get home later on tonight . . . ok maybe tomorrow

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Thank you all for your comments on the holiday postings. I love the decorations and general holiday spirit that goes around this time of year and wish it would remain throughout the year.


Someone asked me once why I love the holidays so much and I had to think about it for a minute. After all, he said, the holidays bring traffic, stress, increased road rage, lines at the mall, annoying Christmas music and excess weight . . . and oh yeah - the dreaded fruit cake! As I pondered his words I realized that he had completely missed the beauty in the situation. The winter holidays (no matter what religion) are a time for people to come together. They allow friends and family to re-connect, there is a feeling of good will that enables compassion for those who are generally ignored (a feeling I wish would last throughout the year). Yes you may pick up a few pounds, but then you should use that as inspiration to be more active the next year. This time is so special for so many reasons, but sometimes it is more difficult to see the positive than the negative. The other day I went back to the grove with a friend and we were listening to the car horns honking while we walked from out parking spot. As she shared her annoyance with the holiday road rage, I told her to turn it into a song. Play your favorite holiday song in your head and see where the horns landed within it. She chose Jingle Bells and low and behold the horns actually fit in quite well. While I wish the holidays did not bring so much stress, I still appreciate and love them. I wish you and your family a happy and safe holiday season.



I will be posting up my recent photos and telling you about my latest holiday adventures quite soon so stay tuned . . .



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Ice skating in Santa Monica

Posted by travelgirl Dec 10, 2007

Who would have thought there would be outdoor ice skating in Santa Monica? The wonderful people of the Bayside district have created a holiday ice palace for would be skaters. Unfortunately the sun beats down on it during the day making it a bit of a slush palace, but at night the temperatures dip down just enough to not do any damage. I took my nieces skating the other day and it was definitely a time to remember. My two year old niece slapped on her skates and walked right out onto the ice while the rest of us sat there in amazement.


The ice rink is on Arizona and 5th for those of you in LA.



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San Francisco or bust . . .

Posted by travelgirl Dec 7, 2007

San Francisco is one of the most beautiful and eclectic cities I know. During this quick trip I went to Golden Gate Park, Union Square, and the Oracle Open World concert featuring Billy Joel, Fleetwood Mac, Lenny Kravitz, and the English Beat. It was great to catch up with old friends and see the city I called home for so many years. I will be back up there in a couple of weeks to hang out with friends and take more photos.





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