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Addicted to scrabble

Posted by travelgirl on Jan 31, 2008 8:35:48 PM

I am trying to pack for my blizzard filled weekend in Reno but I seem to be addicted to an online scrabble game called scabulous. This is a Facebook game that was supposed to be shut down per a request by Matel, but the drivers over at Facebook have not flinched. In one respect I am grateful in another, I really need to stop. My friends and I are addicted! As soon as we finish one game they turn around and start another. It is like we are in this vicious cycle, but I do not want to be the one to stop it. The games can last up to a week, with work and other things getting in the way, but I must admit there have been times when I have put off what needs to be done. I can just imagine myself arriving in the Nevada snow-fest without any clothes because I was playing scrabble instead of packing. I figured if I took a minute to stop and blog about this it might distract me enough from the game so that I can remember to pack. Whatever you do – do not play this addictive game and if you do not heed my warning then feel free to challenge me to a round.

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