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February 2008

Squaw Valley Blizzard

Posted by travelgirl Feb 2, 2008

We finally made it to Squaw Valley today only to be hit by a blizzard; we made the best of the situation by cuddling inside with hot chocolate. I have never been stuck in a blizzard before so I was nearly in shock when the car was completely covered in snow after about 30 minutes. The white blanket that covered the ground and everything around us was absolutely beautiful. After dinner with family and friends we are ready to turn in for the evening. I thought I woudl share a couple of photos from the storm with you before I call it a night. These pictures were shot right before the blizzard really hit hard.

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In researching how I can start to recycle in LA, I have stumbled upon a plethora of valuable information It is so simple I call up and get a bin for recycling. What if I am the only person on the block doing so? Apparently it does not matter. According to the information I have found, I can be the only one who recycles on the block. I will be the leader and hopefully will set an example for my neighbors. Recycling is such a small piece of the path to stopping global warming, but it is a piece that is so easy to achieve. I know it seems kind of daunting at first, but you can definitely pull it off. Take the first step with me to repairing the environment; let's recycle together.



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I am continually reading about cold weather in China and parts of the US and am stricken by the increased climate variations. Millions of people are losing their homes or worse, their lives, due to mother nature's violent rage. Are these extreme weather conditions the effect of global warming or just a phenomenon that is randomly occurring? If recycling my trash and using a little less energy can help to alleviate these conditions or at least prevent them from getting worse, then why am I not doing it as often as I can? I have been making excuses for so long. i donate money to the causes, but then I don't support them in the ways that I should. I wish my neighborhood would make it easier for me to recycle or that my grocery store would sell biodegradable containers, but they dont so it is up to me to make a difference. I am making a pledge today to start recycling and using less energy. Even if this, by some chance, will not help the environment - it will at least extend the precious resources we are using up every day. I challenge you to join me in this resolution and call upon your friends and family to make a change as well.



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big screen envy

Posted by travelgirl Feb 2, 2008

I just found out that they will be showing the Super Bowl on the outdoor big screen in Northstar this weekend when we head over to Tahoe (weather permitting) I am now starting to have size envy and buyers remorse over the new TV I purchased today. Should I have gone ahead with the bigger size? I did do my research and at the time I felt like it was big enough, but what happens when I get it home and decide it is to small? How big of a TV do I really need? Is it really that important to see the cellulite on Ms America's legs or the sweat on Captain Kirk's brow? How big is your TV? Does it really matter?

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A new motion was introduced in court this week to regulate celebrity photographers (specifically Paparazzi). This motion, created by a former police officer, should help give celebrities a bit of breathing room and will hopefully prevent another Princess Diana accident. The motion, currently names after its creator Councilman Dennis Zine, is geared towards protecting tax payer dollars, valuable law official resources, and individual's personal space.


"Zine's law would require the City Attorney's Office and LAPD to draw up new ordinances to regulate how the paparazzi do business, including one stipulating a specific amount of "clear space" that would keep the madding crowd from disturbing private businesses and residences, blocking the entrances to emergency facilities and otherwise bothering people on public streets and sidewalks. "



What are your opinions on this matter?



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Planning a trip to Ireland

Posted by travelgirl Feb 2, 2008

I am heading to Ireland next month and was looking for suggestions when I stumpled upon a great website this website helped me determine where I want to go and assisted me with all my travel needs. I am flying to Belfast (from Scotland) and then will be traveling down to Dublin and over to Cork. Of course I will be stopping in Blarney to kiss a certain stone along the way. If you are planning a trip to Ireland in the near future, check it out.

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A new gift!!

Posted by travelgirl Feb 1, 2008

I was just telling my cousin about my sony experience and he gave me the coolest gift - a USB rechargeable digital photo album KEYCHAIN!! This is fantastic; now I will be able to move all of my pictures to mini photo album and carry it with me everywhere! The product is from sharper image and is extremely cool and fits in the palm of your hand. Check it out when you get a chance.

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Thank you to Sony

Posted by travelgirl Feb 1, 2008

I would like to thank the people at Sony for allowing me to test out their new point and shoot camera and GPS unit over the past couple of months. I hope you have enjoyed seeing some of my pictures (taken with the camera) and hearing about my travels. Before I sign off though I wanted to share some additional pictures with you that I shot with the point and shoot. The clarity is amazing and I could not have asked for better results. These pictures were taken while on various trips but I did not include them in previous blog posts because of their more artistic vs. travel orientation. !


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Posted by travelgirl Feb 1, 2008

Well I finally made it to Nevada, flight delays, rental car woes, and freezing weather and it was so worth it. I finally got to meet my little cousins and am enjoying the beautiful mountain air. We are near Reno at the base of the mountain. Tomorrow we will head up to Tahoe to see the lake and ski at Squaw Valley. The people here are so nice and the pace of life is a lot different than what I am used to. Even my Urban raised cousin drives a little slower than he used to and does not seem phased by time. The natural beauty that surrounds us is such a foreign site to me. Growing up in a sunny climate, snow is something I have only experienced a handful of times. I look forward to my day tomorrow and to a nice relaxing weekend away from the hub-bub of my normal city life.

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One more thing. . .

Posted by travelgirl Feb 1, 2008


I did it! On my way to the airport I purchased my new TV. After a lot of debate and driving the poor sales guy crazy with questions I decided to go with the Sonia Bravia. The picture quality is fantastic and I think I am going to be really happy with my purchase. The discounts during this time of year are insane; I think I saved about $1000 from the regular sticker price. God bless the Super Bowl!! The sales associate was very apologetic that my purchase will not be delivered by Sunday and even offered me an additional 5% off. I could not believe it - I felt bad and confessed that I was going to be out of town anyways and he still let me have the discount for my honesty. So come next week I shall be watching my tivod shows in style! I wanted to take a picture of the set and post it, but my camera plug is inconveniently packed in my checked luggage. I supposed I should be grateful that my flight was delayed otherwise I might have missed it with my little pit-stop.



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Travel is for the birds

Posted by travelgirl Feb 1, 2008

And so my weekend begins . . . I am at LAX waiting for my flight which is of course delayed and I am witnessing the most unusual sight. There are two little sparrows wandering around in the terminal, not bothered by the hundereds of people walking around, who seem to be oblivious to them as well. I have seen birds trapped in the airport before, but usually they are flying around trying to make their escape out at the first possible opportunity, but this is different. These two birds are just walking around the terminal, on the ground, without fear, without a care, and it does not appear as though they are looking for an escape. Well at least it is something to keep me entertained while I watch more minutes be added to my departure time.

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Posted by travelgirl Feb 1, 2008

Well I am almost packed for my trip and I am about to leave for the airport after I make one quick stop which I will tell you about later. Before I go I wanted to share my pictures from my niece's first play. Her school recently held their annual read-a-thon to raise money and promote reading to the kids. When I first heard about this I thought ok - school play, but when I found out the details I was blown away by the concept. Each student raises money by asking people to sponsor them per hour that they read. The kids are encouraged to read several hours each week and the parents are asked to support this effort. What really blew me away was the concept of no TV Tuesdays. Every Tuesday during the month families are asked to completely turn off their TV to encourage the child to read. No household member is supposed to watch tv and is supposed to help encourage this read-a-thon. To make sure families comply, the school actually sends out representatives on Tuesdays to randomly check on students. You never know when or if you are going to be visited and if you are found in compliance you will receive an awesome prize. I found this to be such an ingenious way t not only encourage the children's studies, but also help bring families closer by promoting conversation in lieu of the electronic brain drainer. I challenge you the reader of this blog to try going without TV or Internet for one night a week. Could you do it? Here are a couple of pictures from the play which explained the entire concept to parents and relatives (I guess they thought a note home would not suffice

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I just received a link to buy tickets to the Global Green Oscar party on Feb 20th. This is the 5th annual Oscar Party and they are always a ton of fun; last year Maroon Five played but I am not sure who the surprise guest is this year. Tickets start at $250 per person and go up to about $5k (if you want to hob-nob with the rich and famous aka Mr. Dicaprio or Ms. Diaz). It seems like the party is a go whether or not the Oscars actually happen. With the writers threatening to strike the show in 2 weeks, the actual format and guest list for the show is under question, so all those celebrities will need somewhere to sit when they find out whether or not they won the coveted little statue. I imagine the Oscar parties might be more crowded during the show this year if the strike continues and the format is akin to the golden globes. If you are interested in finding out more information about this event, click on the following link



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