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What is up with the environment?

Posted by travelgirl on Feb 2, 2008 1:04:32 AM


I am continually reading about cold weather in China and parts of the US and am stricken by the increased climate variations. Millions of people are losing their homes or worse, their lives, due to mother nature's violent rage. Are these extreme weather conditions the effect of global warming or just a phenomenon that is randomly occurring? If recycling my trash and using a little less energy can help to alleviate these conditions or at least prevent them from getting worse, then why am I not doing it as often as I can? I have been making excuses for so long. i donate money to the causes, but then I don't support them in the ways that I should. I wish my neighborhood would make it easier for me to recycle or that my grocery store would sell biodegradable containers, but they dont so it is up to me to make a difference. I am making a pledge today to start recycling and using less energy. Even if this, by some chance, will not help the environment - it will at least extend the precious resources we are using up every day. I challenge you to join me in this resolution and call upon your friends and family to make a change as well.



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