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Posted by travelgirl Feb 1, 2008

Well I am almost packed for my trip and I am about to leave for the airport after I make one quick stop which I will tell you about later. Before I go I wanted to share my pictures from my niece's first play. Her school recently held their annual read-a-thon to raise money and promote reading to the kids. When I first heard about this I thought ok - school play, but when I found out the details I was blown away by the concept. Each student raises money by asking people to sponsor them per hour that they read. The kids are encouraged to read several hours each week and the parents are asked to support this effort. What really blew me away was the concept of no TV Tuesdays. Every Tuesday during the month families are asked to completely turn off their TV to encourage the child to read. No household member is supposed to watch tv and is supposed to help encourage this read-a-thon. To make sure families comply, the school actually sends out representatives on Tuesdays to randomly check on students. You never know when or if you are going to be visited and if you are found in compliance you will receive an awesome prize. I found this to be such an ingenious way t not only encourage the children's studies, but also help bring families closer by promoting conversation in lieu of the electronic brain drainer. I challenge you the reader of this blog to try going without TV or Internet for one night a week. Could you do it? Here are a couple of pictures from the play which explained the entire concept to parents and relatives (I guess they thought a note home would not suffice

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