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One more thing. . .

Posted by travelgirl Feb 1, 2008


I did it! On my way to the airport I purchased my new TV. After a lot of debate and driving the poor sales guy crazy with questions I decided to go with the Sonia Bravia. The picture quality is fantastic and I think I am going to be really happy with my purchase. The discounts during this time of year are insane; I think I saved about $1000 from the regular sticker price. God bless the Super Bowl!! The sales associate was very apologetic that my purchase will not be delivered by Sunday and even offered me an additional 5% off. I could not believe it - I felt bad and confessed that I was going to be out of town anyways and he still let me have the discount for my honesty. So come next week I shall be watching my tivod shows in style! I wanted to take a picture of the set and post it, but my camera plug is inconveniently packed in my checked luggage. I supposed I should be grateful that my flight was delayed otherwise I might have missed it with my little pit-stop.



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