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W4D1 Complete

Posted by Phillip Senter Sep 19, 2011

Finished W4D1 today during a break in the rain.  Started raining sometime in the early morning hours, not anything hard, just a light drizzle.  But it slacked off about noon time so took advantage and got my run/walk in.  For those of you who have been following, I apologize I haven't been keeping things updated.  Don't really have an excuse, just laziness.  I have really got into riding my bicycle though.  I'm doing over 50 miles a week and increasing that gradually each week also.  I don't know whether I'm gonna be a runner who crosstrains on a bike or a cyclist who crosstrains by running. 


So far everthing has been going great.  The running is going better this second time around.  I really believe I could have just picked up where I left off, but now that I'm just about back to where I was I'm glad I started over.  I should finish the program the last week of October and we are having a local fun run for Juvenile Diabetes but it's only a mile distance.  I may try to run a mile in a few days just to see what time I can do and then see if I can improve it before race day.  I am not going to do any 5K's until I finish the program.


I promise I'll try to keep the blog updated more frequently. 

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W1D2 and W1D3

Posted by Phillip Senter Sep 6, 2011

Just a quick note to get the blog updated before it goes down for maintenance.  I'll come back after maintenace is completed and do a complete update.

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Went for my next to last Physical Therapy session today.  I am still having some soreness in my ankle in the mornings but it only lasts a minute or two.  I asked the PT about when I should start trying to run again.  I wondered if I needed to wait until I see my Ortho Dr in a couple of weeks, but the PT suggested the doctor might want to know if I was having any pain when running so he suggested I go out and do a short run and see if there was any pain.  I was going to wait a couple of days but thought that since I had just had a PT session then I should be good and stretched.  I went to the local paved walking track and did the first day of C25K, jog 60/walk 90 for twenty minutes.  I'm happy to report there was no pain and it really felt good.  I had on jeans and a cotton t-shirt but did have my new NB running shoes.  So that will be my first day of starting C25k over again.  I have been riding my mountain bike since being in physical therapy and started last week riding ten miles two days a week and 20 miles on a third day.  I will be increasing that about 15% each week, training for the Tupelo Century Ride on October 1st.  But I won't be doing the 100 mile ride portion, I'm signing up for the 36 mile segment.  Really excited about getting back to running.  Slow and steady for me this time hoping to stay injury free.

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Update on Doctor's Visit

Posted by Phillip Senter Aug 16, 2011

Finally got to see a doctor yesterday about my achilles tendon.  X-rays were negative, but  after evalutating me did confirm it was tendonitis.  He referred me for rehab and luckily I got an appt that same afternoon and had my first session.   Mainly stretching and some shock therapy in the ankle.  First time I had ever had shock therapy and it was ok.  The therapist told me I would stay hooked up for 20 minutes and that every so often my ankle would get used to the voltage and I could just turn it up a little each time.  I was like a junkie hitting the pain medication lol.  I'm scheduled for 2 sessions a week for three weeks, plus I do the stretching every day at home.  Also got the go ahead to ride my bike as long as it doesn't cause any pain in my ankle.  I guess I'll just start the C25K all over again and this time I will stick to it until the finish, without any deviating.  Also going to start some weight lifting.

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You were correct.  My first two workouts were run/walk 3min/2min for 35 minutes.  The first day I did it on the levee path I was doing the C25k on and everything went fine.  The next day was crosstraining on my bike, and the third day was a repeat of day one.  So far so good.  Day 4 was a rest day and Day 5 was suppose to be another bike day but didn't get it worked in so had two rest days.  Day 6 was another 3min run/2 minute walk but instead of 35 minutes it was until I had covered 5 miles.  I had done the third day on a new route, the Tupelo Trail along the Natchez Trace in Tupelo MS.  This is a 6 mile trail with some small ups and downs but nothing major.  I figured I could do the 5 miles on this also and use the 6th mile for a cool down.  Was really having a good run, though after the third mile I could tell I was really slowing down.  Then at mile 4 I started having some discomfort in my left Achilles Tendon.  It wasn't anything major, not really much at all, so I kept running and finished the 5 miles.  But by the time I got to the finish, I could tell I had done some damage.  I was wearing a brand new pair of trail shoes, but I think it was just doing too much too soon.  I have not done any running since then, but will go back to riding my bike today.  I have an appointment with a Sports Medicine Specialist next Wednesday to get evaluated.  Hopefully it will just be a matter of a little rest.  It doesn't hurt much, just can feel it a little when I walk, so hoping for the best.

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Changing workout, maybe

Posted by Phillip Senter Jul 25, 2011

July 25,  2011


This will be my last entry for a few days.  I really appreciate everyone who has taken time out to view my blog.  I am trying a new training plan which I think will help me reach my long term goals in a more efficient manner.  Since I was over half way to finishing the C25K plan I was looking around this site and the internet for a new plan to go to after finishing this one.  My long term goals are endurance running.  While I would like to run marathons eventually I will probably stick to mostly half marathons or 10-15K trail runs.  Anyway, while surfing around I came upon a blog that had a kind of beginners marathon run/walk plan.  I suspect it may be one of the plans on this site, but have not verified that yet.  It's not for someone who hasn't done any running, but seems to be doable by someone at this stage of the C25K plan.  I did the first run/walk today and made it through pretty well.  My pace as about the same as what I have been doing, but the duration was about 30% more.  Since I'm not sure I will be able to stick to the plan I am going to try it for a couple of weeks and if it doesn't pan out I will come back and take up where I left off here.  If I stick to it I'll come back and catch the blog up.  Again, thanks everyone and see you soon.

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Posted by Phillip Senter Jul 22, 2011

July 22,  2011


I was really looking forward to a run with no walking breaks but was unsure if I could make it through the 20 minutes in a respectable manner.  I knew I could run the 20 minutes without stopping, just didn't want the last half to be a shuffle instead of a jog.  Temp was around 89 so I made sure I didn't forget my water today.  I froze a bottle and glad I did because it was completely melted and on it's way to being lukewarm by the time I finished.  I did an extra minute of warm up walk to make sure I was loose and promptly went out too fast.  I tried not looking at the time and tried guessing when I had been running for 10 minutes.  Around the time I did look at my watch I hit a small wall, my feet just wanted to quit going forward. But it wasn't a big wall so I pushed through it and the time was a little over 9 minutes.  I ran on to around 11 minutes and swung around for the return trip.  Kinda got a small second wind but resisted the temptation to try picking up  the pace because I was afraid I would run out of gas, and I sure wanted to finish without stopping.  Around the 15 minutes mark I kinda hit another wall so made a concious effort to push harder every few steps because I could feel the shuffle coming on.


Today was the first day I've experienced any muscle issues.  When I stopped running my quads said hello.  It was just a brief cramping  went away after a few seconds.  I guess I actually did put in a little effort today.  The plan calls for running a set distance or set time.  I have been running for time instead of distance.  I am thinking about changing to the distance periods for day 1 and 2 of week 6 and see how that works out.  Now for two days of rest with some bike rides for cross training.


Distance:  1.42 miles

Time:  20.01

Pace:  14.09 min/mile

Temp:  89


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Posted by Phillip Senter Jul 20, 2011

June 20,  2011


Thanks RiFelicia for your input, it is really appreciated.  Lesson learned today, always be prepared.  I drove over to the waterway where I run but decided I would drive up to the lock and park instead of parking at the boat ramp.  This is only a mile more, just thought I would change things up and run  back in the direction I'm used to running from.  The eight minute time periods weren't all that bad.  I wish I could pick my pace up some but I know that will come later.  Now for the be prepared part.  When I got back to my car it wouldn't start.  Just dead, nada.  So after a few seconds of telling my car what I thought of it,  I started walking.  Now I did have the option of calling someone, but the nearest person would have had a 15-20 minute drive,  so i decided to hoof it.  I was pretty sure I could catch a ride on the road from the boat ramp to my home.  So halfway to boat ramp, which is a mile, I realized I had left my wallet at the car.  I usually lock everything but my trunk key in the trunk, but I was sure I had taken everything out so I must have left the wallet in the console.  And yes when I got back to the car that's where it was.  I wasn't really worried about the mile walk back to the boat ramp and then the mile and a half to my home, except I was running low on water.  And the temps were in the high 80's.  Luckily when I got to the boat ramp a car was sitting there so I stuck my thumb out when it started and and a nice young fellow picked me up.  Next time I'll carry an extra bottle of water.

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Posted by Phillip Senter Jul 18, 2011

July 18,  2011


All in all a pretty good training day.  I was really looking forward to the run/walk today, then halfway to where I run I realized I had left my water.  Which is nothing new, I'd forget my head if it wasn't screwed on.  Now it's not far to go back, but I had hydrated well earlier so I figured I would be ok.  But it did kinda put a damper on things and after my warm up walk I just wasn't in the mood to run.  But being the C25K trooper I am I trudged on.  Needless to say about halfway into my first 5 minute jog, I was feeling good.  The second 5 minutes was the worst part of this new set.  I just felt I was moving in slow motion, but resisted the urge to quicken the pace, didn't want to blow myself out.  Then the last 5 minutes felt a lot better.  I know I said a few posts back that I wasn't going to focus on distance but I really thought I had covered more distance.  My gps rarely works on my iPhone 3G so I measured with my car after the run and I hadn't covered any more ground than in week 4.  But I know this plan is about getting me to my goal in a slow methodical manner so I'll worry about improvements in time/distance when I graduate.  The water shortage didn't become an issue.  The temp was hovering around 90 but I wasn't in any discomfort as far as thirst when I finished.  I did do away with the bottle of water when I got home, though.


If this is the last post I make you'll know my head exploded.  I have decided to quit soft drinks cold turkey.  I planned on cutting back slowly but I bought a 12 pack on Friday and this morning I realized they were all gone.  That's 4 a day average.  So it's juice and water for me from now on.  I warned my wife I was probably gonna be hard to live with for the next few days.  I still will have my one cup of coffee in the morning so maybe that will help some. I'm also going to try to cut down on the fast food.  I'm a decent enough cook and I really like fruits and vegetables, just have to get in the habit of planning ahead and preparing my meals.  Wow, kinda long winded today.  If anyone has any advice please post.  Even if you think I'm doing something wrong, feel free to give me your input.


ps.  tried to upload some pics of where I train, but my phone just isn't cooperating, so I'll take my wifes 3gs next run.  It works like charm.  GPS feature works great and no issues uploading pics.

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Posted by Phillip Senter Jul 16, 2011

June 16,  2011


Week 4 in the books.  Looking forward to week 5,  I think the 8 minute jog will really be a challenge.  I'm trying to stick strictly to the schedule as outlined in the Couch to 5K plan, but did try to push through the last 5 minute run today.  I didn't try to jog any faster than the first 5 minutes just tried not to slow down to a shuffle but keep it as a good jog.  I won't claim I was successful but at least I didn't have an involuntary stop like I did last time out.  I was able to improve the distance I covered a little, but that was probably due to the slightly lower temp and the overcast sky.  I carried my wife's iPhone 3Gs instead of my older 3G and the MapMyRun GPS worked great.  I'm due for an upgrade and was gonna upgrade to the iPhone 4 but rumor is that a new model is again suppose to come out in September so I'm going to wait and see.  I wore my Columbia Trail Runners today, I had been wearing my new UK Gear shoes the last 2 times out.  I think I like the Columbia's better, the UK's seem to be a little more rigid but they may get better with wear.  I wore them around the house for about a week before I ran in them, but they still may not be broken in completely.   Well, watch the rest of the Tour de France and then nap time.


Distance:  1.43 mile

Time:  21.32

Temp:  82

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Posted by Phillip Senter Jul 14, 2011

July 14,  2011

All I can say is if you are running in cotton, make the upgrade to moisture wicking polyester. I have been running in polyester hiking shorts and cotton T-shirts.  Finally broke down and bought a pair of running shorts and shirt and it really makes a difference.  I felt 5 pounds lighter after I finished my run today.  It didn't help my time though, I actually ran a tenth of a mile less than last time, but maybe it was the heat. At least that's what I'm blaming it on.  Temp at home shows 88 but it sure felt hotter than that.  And it may have been out on the exposed levee where I was running.  Normally there is a nice breeze coming down the waterway but it was still today.  The water was like glass.  I also carried a bottle of water with me today.  I think I tend to run more relaxed when my hands are free.  I believe I clinch the bottle and that tenses up my upper body.  So may have to invest in one of the handheld water bottles with the strap, especially since I'm going to the 8 minute run next week.  Overall a good run today, the last 5 minute run was again a challenge.  There was a point where I involuntarily stopped jogging, but jolted myself back together and continued on.  The first 3 minute and 5 minute run felt more like an actual run instead of a jog, so I may have went out too fast, though it didn't seem so.  I'm going to make an effort to run early in the morning on Saturday to see if and how much difference the cooler temps will make.


Distance:  1.3 miles

Time:  21:31

Temp:  88

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Posted by Phillip Senter Jul 12, 2011

July 12,  2011


Only got one day of training in last week so I'm gonna do the same workout this week.  I was already doing the week 4 schedule in week three so this will get me actually in line with the plan.  It has been six days since I ran so I was worried that might make it difficult for me to continue without starting over again.  Also I was running in a new pair of shoes today so was kind of apprehensive when I went out today.  But the new shoes felt great and the run went well also.  The last 5 minute jog was a challenge but I was able to cover the same distance I did last week so I was happy.  I will do two more training sessions this week and hopefully move on to week 5.  I'm looking forward to the challenge.  I've just about got my running wardrobe complete, the only thing I lack in a good running shirt.  I picked up some polyester moisture wicking socks at Walmart and they have some inexpensive running shirts also but didn't have any in my size so I'll try the one in a neighboring town.  Gotta get rid of the cotton..

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Posted by Phillip Senter Jul 6, 2011

July 6, 2011


Man, that last 5 minutes is a doozy. As I said in an earlier post, even though I'm in Week 3 I skipped a week in the plan so I'm doing the week 4 schedule.  I'm late again getting started this week.  Monday I had an upset stomach all day and...well, I won't go into all the details.  I thought it was either a stomach virus or my digestive system rebelling to my change in diet, eating more fruits and vegetables.  I mainly stayed on the couch all day and by the time my wife got home from work, I was hurting pretty bad, mainly in my lower back.   Then it dawned on me it was probably a kidney stone.  They run in my family and I've had my share of them, requiring hospital stays 3 or 4 times.  But it's been a while since I had a serious episode so it just didn't dawn on me until I really started cramping real bad and hurting in my lower back.  The good news is if it was a stone it either shifted or I passed it because when I got up Tuesday morning I was feeling alot better. I even thought I might be able to run Tuesday as planned but just wasn't up to it.  But got up today feeling great and had a really good run a little after noon in about 90 degree heat.  But the breeze coming off the waterway made it a fun run/walk.



Distance:  1.4 miles

Time:  21.31 min

Temp:  90




5 minute warm up walk

Jog 3 min

Walk 90 secs

Jog 5 min

Walk 2 1/2 min

Jog 3 min

Walk 90 secs

Jog 5 min

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Posted by Phillip Senter Jul 3, 2011

July 3, 2011


Got back on track today.  I was gonna do todays workout on Friday, but a combination of laziness and laziness got in the way.  I was afraid I wouldn't have a good day, sure didn't want to get out there, but turned out to be not too bad.  Temp was 92 which made it a little warm.  Still no injuries and no major aches or pains.  I credit a lot of that to the new running shoes.  Even though they are botton of the line Columbia's I can really tell the difference in the way they feel as compared to a worn out pair of New Balance trail runners I have.  I have another pair of UK Gear PT-03 SC US Military Edition shoes that I got off ebay for $20.  I haven't received them yet but anxious to get them so I can start rotating the shoes.  My plan right now is to replace my shoes between 250-300 miles or every 6 months whichever comes first.  Also trying to buy a used mountain bike that I am going to use for cross training on my running rest days.


Distance:  1:09 Miles

Time:  18:02

Pace:  16:34


5 min warm up walk

90 seconds jogging

90 seconds walking

3 min jogging

3 min walking


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Posted by Phillip Senter Jun 29, 2011

June 29 2011


Wow, I'm glad that trail running is going to be the majority of my races.  I ran on pavement for the first time today.  I had been running on a crushed rock path but had to run at home today so my only option was the two lane road in front of my home.  I didn't feel any pain but I could tell my old legs were taking a jarring, so I guess I will know in the morning how much a difference it made.  Also, on the levee where I normally run you don't have to worry about traffic as much.  While vehicles do drive by, they are few and usually mostly adhere to the slow speed limit.  On the road at the house it's the Indy 500 some of the time, but most everybody slows down, especially since Cooper the Dog pried open the door of the pump house and caught me about halfway to my turn around point.  Didn't have his chain with me but he pretty well has figured out to get off the road when he sees a car coming. He always goes walking with my wife and I and really enjoys it.  I've been looking at races to enter starting in September but haven't commited to any yet.  Most have a no refund policy and I want to make sure I'm gonna be ready to finish running.  I know it's ok to walk, but it's a pride thing with me.  Hopefully I'll be able to catch some that don't sell out.



5 minute warm up  walk

90 second jog

90 second walk

3 min jog

3 min walk


Temp 85F

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