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June 2011


Posted by Phillip Senter Jun 29, 2011

June 29 2011


Wow, I'm glad that trail running is going to be the majority of my races.  I ran on pavement for the first time today.  I had been running on a crushed rock path but had to run at home today so my only option was the two lane road in front of my home.  I didn't feel any pain but I could tell my old legs were taking a jarring, so I guess I will know in the morning how much a difference it made.  Also, on the levee where I normally run you don't have to worry about traffic as much.  While vehicles do drive by, they are few and usually mostly adhere to the slow speed limit.  On the road at the house it's the Indy 500 some of the time, but most everybody slows down, especially since Cooper the Dog pried open the door of the pump house and caught me about halfway to my turn around point.  Didn't have his chain with me but he pretty well has figured out to get off the road when he sees a car coming. He always goes walking with my wife and I and really enjoys it.  I've been looking at races to enter starting in September but haven't commited to any yet.  Most have a no refund policy and I want to make sure I'm gonna be ready to finish running.  I know it's ok to walk, but it's a pride thing with me.  Hopefully I'll be able to catch some that don't sell out.



5 minute warm up  walk

90 second jog

90 second walk

3 min jog

3 min walk


Temp 85F

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Posted by Phillip Senter Jun 27, 2011

June 27 2011


I did go ahead and take two rest days.  I thought since I was pushing a little harder than the plan calls for that two rest days would probably benefit me.  I am staying with the timed run/walks instead of a measured distance.  My iPhone  still isn't acquiring the GPS very well so no way of telling how far I went today.  It would be nice to know how far.  I went by myself today, but will walk again with my wife when she gets home from work.  That way she doesn't have to sit in the truck after our walk and wait on me.  Temp's were hovering around ninety but the breeze coming off the waterway helped a lot.  No major issues today, I tried a new sock, it's a liner sock I wear with my hiking socks.  It's some type of wicking material, not sure what kind, I just know it's not cotton.  They worked out pretty well.


5 minute warm up walk

Jogged 90 seconds

Walked 90 seconds

Jogged 3 minutes

Walked 3 minutes


Total Time - 18 minutes

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Posted by Phillip Senter Jun 24, 2011

June 24 2011


Don't know if it was changing my training plan or what, but not a pleasant day.  Did my usual warm up walk of a mile with my wife, and could feel then that I just didn't have the energy I needed.  But didn't give up.  I ran/walked for a little over 20 minutes but don't know how far, iPhone GPS dead again today.  It was fairly overcast so maybe was expecting too much.  Maybe not drinking enough water during the day.  I'm not a big water drinker, so that's something I'm going to have to work on.  Going to start the day off tomorrow drinking water and trying to eat right to see if that helps.  Thought about taking Sat and Sun off but decided to go ahead and run tomorrow and use Sunday as a rest day.


Time:  20:42   

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Posted by Phillip Senter Jun 24, 2011

June 23 2011


Another good run on the levee today by the waterway.  Not much boat traffic or fisherman out still too hot I guess.  My wife and I did a one mile warm up walk and then I ran/walked a mile.  I think I am going to change my routine, I had been running a mile and was going to increase the distance each week, though I know most suggest that one should start out running a set time and not worry about distance.  I mainly chose the distance because my iPhone doesn't always pick up a good gps signal and I wanted to know what my pace was.  But I think running a set time and increasing that each week probably would be best so tomorrow I will do 20 minutes and increase each week.  Still feeling good, no major aches or pains.  I think my new running shoes have a lot to do with that.  Already shopping around for a second pair so I can rotate them.  Going fishing afte the run today, so really looking forward to it.


Distance:  1 mile

Time:  15:21

Pace: 15:21

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Posted by Phillip Senter Jun 23, 2011

June 22, 2011 - Rest day from running, so my wife and I did a pleasant 2 mile walk on the same course I do my running on.  Rained today and still cloudy so really pleasant walking, no bugs and a light breeze coming off the water.


Distance:  2 miles

Time: 39:57

Pace:  19:59

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Posted by Phillip Senter Jun 21, 2011

June 21, 2011


Distance - 1 mile or 1.609K

Time - 15.10

Pace - 15.13 min/mile


I run on the levee of the Tenn Tom Waterway in Fulton Mississippi.  Starting at the Peppertown boat ramp I do a warm up walk to Lock C and then run back to the boat ramp.  It is exactly 1 mile from gate to gate.  The surface is slag rock packed by vehicle tracks.  I wear Columbia Azuric trail running shoes.  They are entry level discontinued shoes I got from Sierra Trading Post for $30 but they are surprisingly comfortable and I feel they will do fine for the fairly soft surface I am running on.  I plan on going to the local outdoor store to get fitted, but am going to wait until I'm sure I will stick to this.  My running attire is a pair of polyester hiking shorts I got at the local thrift store with a cotton T-shirt and wool hiking socks.  Again, if I stick with this I'll upgrade to a running shorts and shirt and some quality running socks.  I'm running in the late afternoon right now, would love to run in the early morning but retirement has made me too lazy to get up.  Maybe that will change when I get back in a little better shape.  Only issue right now are the biting flies can be pesky, but a little bug spray will take care of that.

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Posted by Phillip Senter Jun 21, 2011

I'll give you a little background on this first entry.  I am 56 years old and had gastric bypass surgery in 2004 losing approximately 165 pounds.  I was on a walking program after the surgery and kept the weight off until about six months ago.  I had quit walking about 2 years ago and had gradually yo yo'd up and down until about six months ago when I started putting it back on and it's not going anywhere but up.  I had went from 330 to 165 and am now back up to 215.  Now I figured I could start walking again and get the weight off but I ran when I was younger and enjoyed it so now being retired I thought I would try it again and maybe do some competitive running to give me something to do in retirement.


July 20, 2011 - My wife and I walked nearly a mile as a warm up.  I then ran 1.03 miles in 15:54 for a pace of 15.27 min/mile.  When I say ran I am starting off running 90 seconds and walking 60 seconds.


Distance:  1.03 Miles or 1.658K

Time:        15.54

Pace:        15.27


All calculations done by my mapmyrun app on my iPhone 3G

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