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June 21, 2011


Posted by Phillip Senter Jun 21, 2011

June 21, 2011


Distance - 1 mile or 1.609K

Time - 15.10

Pace - 15.13 min/mile


I run on the levee of the Tenn Tom Waterway in Fulton Mississippi.  Starting at the Peppertown boat ramp I do a warm up walk to Lock C and then run back to the boat ramp.  It is exactly 1 mile from gate to gate.  The surface is slag rock packed by vehicle tracks.  I wear Columbia Azuric trail running shoes.  They are entry level discontinued shoes I got from Sierra Trading Post for $30 but they are surprisingly comfortable and I feel they will do fine for the fairly soft surface I am running on.  I plan on going to the local outdoor store to get fitted, but am going to wait until I'm sure I will stick to this.  My running attire is a pair of polyester hiking shorts I got at the local thrift store with a cotton T-shirt and wool hiking socks.  Again, if I stick with this I'll upgrade to a running shorts and shirt and some quality running socks.  I'm running in the late afternoon right now, would love to run in the early morning but retirement has made me too lazy to get up.  Maybe that will change when I get back in a little better shape.  Only issue right now are the biting flies can be pesky, but a little bug spray will take care of that.

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Posted by Phillip Senter Jun 21, 2011

I'll give you a little background on this first entry.  I am 56 years old and had gastric bypass surgery in 2004 losing approximately 165 pounds.  I was on a walking program after the surgery and kept the weight off until about six months ago.  I had quit walking about 2 years ago and had gradually yo yo'd up and down until about six months ago when I started putting it back on and it's not going anywhere but up.  I had went from 330 to 165 and am now back up to 215.  Now I figured I could start walking again and get the weight off but I ran when I was younger and enjoyed it so now being retired I thought I would try it again and maybe do some competitive running to give me something to do in retirement.


July 20, 2011 - My wife and I walked nearly a mile as a warm up.  I then ran 1.03 miles in 15:54 for a pace of 15.27 min/mile.  When I say ran I am starting off running 90 seconds and walking 60 seconds.


Distance:  1.03 Miles or 1.658K

Time:        15.54

Pace:        15.27


All calculations done by my mapmyrun app on my iPhone 3G

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Phillip Senter

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This will be a blog about my beginners training program getting ready for my first 5K run. I hope to compete in my first 5K by September of 2011.

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