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Posted by Phillip Senter on Jul 18, 2011 11:26:50 AM

July 18,  2011


All in all a pretty good training day.  I was really looking forward to the run/walk today, then halfway to where I run I realized I had left my water.  Which is nothing new, I'd forget my head if it wasn't screwed on.  Now it's not far to go back, but I had hydrated well earlier so I figured I would be ok.  But it did kinda put a damper on things and after my warm up walk I just wasn't in the mood to run.  But being the C25K trooper I am I trudged on.  Needless to say about halfway into my first 5 minute jog, I was feeling good.  The second 5 minutes was the worst part of this new set.  I just felt I was moving in slow motion, but resisted the urge to quicken the pace, didn't want to blow myself out.  Then the last 5 minutes felt a lot better.  I know I said a few posts back that I wasn't going to focus on distance but I really thought I had covered more distance.  My gps rarely works on my iPhone 3G so I measured with my car after the run and I hadn't covered any more ground than in week 4.  But I know this plan is about getting me to my goal in a slow methodical manner so I'll worry about improvements in time/distance when I graduate.  The water shortage didn't become an issue.  The temp was hovering around 90 but I wasn't in any discomfort as far as thirst when I finished.  I did do away with the bottle of water when I got home, though.


If this is the last post I make you'll know my head exploded.  I have decided to quit soft drinks cold turkey.  I planned on cutting back slowly but I bought a 12 pack on Friday and this morning I realized they were all gone.  That's 4 a day average.  So it's juice and water for me from now on.  I warned my wife I was probably gonna be hard to live with for the next few days.  I still will have my one cup of coffee in the morning so maybe that will help some. I'm also going to try to cut down on the fast food.  I'm a decent enough cook and I really like fruits and vegetables, just have to get in the habit of planning ahead and preparing my meals.  Wow, kinda long winded today.  If anyone has any advice please post.  Even if you think I'm doing something wrong, feel free to give me your input.


ps.  tried to upload some pics of where I train, but my phone just isn't cooperating, so I'll take my wifes 3gs next run.  It works like charm.  GPS feature works great and no issues uploading pics.

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