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Posted by Phillip Senter on Jul 20, 2011 10:53:42 AM

June 20,  2011


Thanks RiFelicia for your input, it is really appreciated.  Lesson learned today, always be prepared.  I drove over to the waterway where I run but decided I would drive up to the lock and park instead of parking at the boat ramp.  This is only a mile more, just thought I would change things up and run  back in the direction I'm used to running from.  The eight minute time periods weren't all that bad.  I wish I could pick my pace up some but I know that will come later.  Now for the be prepared part.  When I got back to my car it wouldn't start.  Just dead, nada.  So after a few seconds of telling my car what I thought of it,  I started walking.  Now I did have the option of calling someone, but the nearest person would have had a 15-20 minute drive,  so i decided to hoof it.  I was pretty sure I could catch a ride on the road from the boat ramp to my home.  So halfway to boat ramp, which is a mile, I realized I had left my wallet at the car.  I usually lock everything but my trunk key in the trunk, but I was sure I had taken everything out so I must have left the wallet in the console.  And yes when I got back to the car that's where it was.  I wasn't really worried about the mile walk back to the boat ramp and then the mile and a half to my home, except I was running low on water.  And the temps were in the high 80's.  Luckily when I got to the boat ramp a car was sitting there so I stuck my thumb out when it started and and a nice young fellow picked me up.  Next time I'll carry an extra bottle of water.

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