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Posted by Phillip Senter on Jul 22, 2011 2:28:13 PM

July 22,  2011


I was really looking forward to a run with no walking breaks but was unsure if I could make it through the 20 minutes in a respectable manner.  I knew I could run the 20 minutes without stopping, just didn't want the last half to be a shuffle instead of a jog.  Temp was around 89 so I made sure I didn't forget my water today.  I froze a bottle and glad I did because it was completely melted and on it's way to being lukewarm by the time I finished.  I did an extra minute of warm up walk to make sure I was loose and promptly went out too fast.  I tried not looking at the time and tried guessing when I had been running for 10 minutes.  Around the time I did look at my watch I hit a small wall, my feet just wanted to quit going forward. But it wasn't a big wall so I pushed through it and the time was a little over 9 minutes.  I ran on to around 11 minutes and swung around for the return trip.  Kinda got a small second wind but resisted the temptation to try picking up  the pace because I was afraid I would run out of gas, and I sure wanted to finish without stopping.  Around the 15 minutes mark I kinda hit another wall so made a concious effort to push harder every few steps because I could feel the shuffle coming on.


Today was the first day I've experienced any muscle issues.  When I stopped running my quads said hello.  It was just a brief cramping  went away after a few seconds.  I guess I actually did put in a little effort today.  The plan calls for running a set distance or set time.  I have been running for time instead of distance.  I am thinking about changing to the distance periods for day 1 and 2 of week 6 and see how that works out.  Now for two days of rest with some bike rides for cross training.


Distance:  1.42 miles

Time:  20.01

Pace:  14.09 min/mile

Temp:  89


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