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Changing workout, maybe

Posted by Phillip Senter on Jul 25, 2011 12:45:00 PM

July 25,  2011


This will be my last entry for a few days.  I really appreciate everyone who has taken time out to view my blog.  I am trying a new training plan which I think will help me reach my long term goals in a more efficient manner.  Since I was over half way to finishing the C25K plan I was looking around this site and the internet for a new plan to go to after finishing this one.  My long term goals are endurance running.  While I would like to run marathons eventually I will probably stick to mostly half marathons or 10-15K trail runs.  Anyway, while surfing around I came upon a blog that had a kind of beginners marathon run/walk plan.  I suspect it may be one of the plans on this site, but have not verified that yet.  It's not for someone who hasn't done any running, but seems to be doable by someone at this stage of the C25K plan.  I did the first run/walk today and made it through pretty well.  My pace as about the same as what I have been doing, but the duration was about 30% more.  Since I'm not sure I will be able to stick to the plan I am going to try it for a couple of weeks and if it doesn't pan out I will come back and take up where I left off here.  If I stick to it I'll come back and catch the blog up.  Again, thanks everyone and see you soon.

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