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You were correct.  My first two workouts were run/walk 3min/2min for 35 minutes.  The first day I did it on the levee path I was doing the C25k on and everything went fine.  The next day was crosstraining on my bike, and the third day was a repeat of day one.  So far so good.  Day 4 was a rest day and Day 5 was suppose to be another bike day but didn't get it worked in so had two rest days.  Day 6 was another 3min run/2 minute walk but instead of 35 minutes it was until I had covered 5 miles.  I had done the third day on a new route, the Tupelo Trail along the Natchez Trace in Tupelo MS.  This is a 6 mile trail with some small ups and downs but nothing major.  I figured I could do the 5 miles on this also and use the 6th mile for a cool down.  Was really having a good run, though after the third mile I could tell I was really slowing down.  Then at mile 4 I started having some discomfort in my left Achilles Tendon.  It wasn't anything major, not really much at all, so I kept running and finished the 5 miles.  But by the time I got to the finish, I could tell I had done some damage.  I was wearing a brand new pair of trail shoes, but I think it was just doing too much too soon.  I have not done any running since then, but will go back to riding my bike today.  I have an appointment with a Sports Medicine Specialist next Wednesday to get evaluated.  Hopefully it will just be a matter of a little rest.  It doesn't hurt much, just can feel it a little when I walk, so hoping for the best.

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Phillip Senter

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This will be a blog about my beginners training program getting ready for my first 5K run. I hope to compete in my first 5K by September of 2011.

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