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Update on Doctor's Visit

Posted by Phillip Senter on Aug 16, 2011 11:07:35 AM

Finally got to see a doctor yesterday about my achilles tendon.  X-rays were negative, but  after evalutating me did confirm it was tendonitis.  He referred me for rehab and luckily I got an appt that same afternoon and had my first session.   Mainly stretching and some shock therapy in the ankle.  First time I had ever had shock therapy and it was ok.  The therapist told me I would stay hooked up for 20 minutes and that every so often my ankle would get used to the voltage and I could just turn it up a little each time.  I was like a junkie hitting the pain medication lol.  I'm scheduled for 2 sessions a week for three weeks, plus I do the stretching every day at home.  Also got the go ahead to ride my bike as long as it doesn't cause any pain in my ankle.  I guess I'll just start the C25K all over again and this time I will stick to it until the finish, without any deviating.  Also going to start some weight lifting.

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Phillip Senter

Phillip Senter

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This will be a blog about my beginners training program getting ready for my first 5K run. I hope to compete in my first 5K by September of 2011.

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