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Back in the saddle again! Week 1 Day 1 of C25K

Posted by Phillip Senter on Aug 30, 2011 11:53:13 AM

Went for my next to last Physical Therapy session today.  I am still having some soreness in my ankle in the mornings but it only lasts a minute or two.  I asked the PT about when I should start trying to run again.  I wondered if I needed to wait until I see my Ortho Dr in a couple of weeks, but the PT suggested the doctor might want to know if I was having any pain when running so he suggested I go out and do a short run and see if there was any pain.  I was going to wait a couple of days but thought that since I had just had a PT session then I should be good and stretched.  I went to the local paved walking track and did the first day of C25K, jog 60/walk 90 for twenty minutes.  I'm happy to report there was no pain and it really felt good.  I had on jeans and a cotton t-shirt but did have my new NB running shoes.  So that will be my first day of starting C25k over again.  I have been riding my mountain bike since being in physical therapy and started last week riding ten miles two days a week and 20 miles on a third day.  I will be increasing that about 15% each week, training for the Tupelo Century Ride on October 1st.  But I won't be doing the 100 mile ride portion, I'm signing up for the 36 mile segment.  Really excited about getting back to running.  Slow and steady for me this time hoping to stay injury free.

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Phillip Senter

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This will be a blog about my beginners training program getting ready for my first 5K run. I hope to compete in my first 5K by September of 2011.

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