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W4D1 Complete

Posted by Phillip Senter on Sep 19, 2011 2:07:49 PM

Finished W4D1 today during a break in the rain.  Started raining sometime in the early morning hours, not anything hard, just a light drizzle.  But it slacked off about noon time so took advantage and got my run/walk in.  For those of you who have been following, I apologize I haven't been keeping things updated.  Don't really have an excuse, just laziness.  I have really got into riding my bicycle though.  I'm doing over 50 miles a week and increasing that gradually each week also.  I don't know whether I'm gonna be a runner who crosstrains on a bike or a cyclist who crosstrains by running. 


So far everthing has been going great.  The running is going better this second time around.  I really believe I could have just picked up where I left off, but now that I'm just about back to where I was I'm glad I started over.  I should finish the program the last week of October and we are having a local fun run for Juvenile Diabetes but it's only a mile distance.  I may try to run a mile in a few days just to see what time I can do and then see if I can improve it before race day.  I am not going to do any 5K's until I finish the program.


I promise I'll try to keep the blog updated more frequently. 

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Phillip Senter

Phillip Senter

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This will be a blog about my beginners training program getting ready for my first 5K run. I hope to compete in my first 5K by September of 2011.

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