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Busy week and knee pain

Posted by walkerrn Feb 26, 2009

Late posting this as it has been a very busy work week. I walked 15 miles last week and was happy with the total. Walked 5 miles after a 12 hour shift on Thursday. I did it because I wanted to meet the 15 miles and have done 5 miles many times in the past. Not a smart move when I was working the next 4 days also. I average 4 to 10 miles of walking at work with a lot of twisting and bending. Have been plagued with left knee pain since. I am hoping it is better this week as I am starting the couch to 5 K program.


Had several great walks with my DD this week. She is a great partner and I am enjoying catching up on all things middle school. Luckily she is now able to keep up with my 15 min /mile pace and easily continue talking. I rally hope she does let me sign her up for the half marathon. Even DS and boyfriend joined us last night. The training is bringing the family closer together.!!



I have been continuing to eat better, more veggies. Have been cutting down on soft drinks but still have a lot of work in that area. I also need to improve my water intake. Had a 2 lb. weight loss and will have to work harder if I intend to continue loosing.



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Week one complete

Posted by walkerrn Feb 15, 2009

It is Sunday again and that means day 1 of week 2. I was only able to walk 10 miles last week., I am going to have to brave the cold and start walking in the morning if I am going to advance to running. I did invest in some running pants today, If I can make myself get up at least I will have comfy clothes to wear. SO far I have also done an upper body workout and daily streches. I have added more fruits, veggies and whole grains to my diet in the hopes that the extra 20 pounds will come off faster.


The other good news is that all of the walking has been at the rate of about 15 minutes per mile and my family has been joining me for all walks. I have also walked five miles today so I am off to a good start for this week.



I made it to pet smart today and got leashes so I can walk my 3 largest dogs with me. I think they heard me say I was training for a marathon and hid there leashes because I have been unable to find them. They are really lazy.



I also signed up for the VB Rock and Roll half marathon in Sept. I am planing to use it as practice to get the logistics of doing a race.



I think I have a good start towards the goofy challenge and I will keep you updated.









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First a little about my self. I am an emergency room nurse in a small ER in NC. I have 2 teenage children. Most of my family and friends say I am a little goofy at times so I guess I will give them proof.


I have always wanted to complete a marathon. I know for most people reading this it may not seem like a far fetched goal. What you must understand is I have always hated to run. I have commented many times that if you see me running you can bet something big is chasing me. I still have no idea where I developed the marathon dream. It may have been the head injury in my early 20's. I really envy those of you who love to run.


I turned 40 in Nov. 2008 and began researching marathons to find out which one I should try. The Disney marathon looks like it will be a lot of fun. The more I researched the more I want the Disney bling. If I can do the Donald half marathon on Sat and the Mickey Marathon on Sunday I also get a Goofy medal. 39.3 miles in 2 days. When I saw the registration was more than 75% full I signed up.



I have always been a walker at heart and know I can finish both individual races in the alotted time. I also know I will have to train hard to be able to do both of them back to back. My goal is to finish both races. My hope is to develope a more active lifestyle. Maybe I will discover I like to run.



I will be updating this blog weekly in an effort to become accountable to more people and do a better job of training. I hope you will join me on my Goofy quest. I will need support and prayers. This will be a busy year with classes for work and 2 kids in high school. DS has expressed an interest in doing the Donald half with me but we are not sure if he will be able to go due to his class schedule.



A good friend and I will be going to Fleet Feet Sunday to get analyzed for appropriate running shoes and then I will begin the training. I hope I learn to enjoy running.






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