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Training Schedule

Posted by wanamaker on Apr 29, 2010 10:19:47 AM

The easiest way I can see myself improving is to commit to a training schedule.  I need to balance this between my patient and loving family, so my time is limited and I'll need to work smart.  I hope to not limit this to just time at actual practice facilities.  There are two categories I plan to focus on: Physical and Mental.  For physical practice, I plan to split my time up across three categories: Full Swing, Short Game, and Putting.  For the mental approach, I plan to focus on Routine and Confidence.


Physical Training

I plan to invest two 2 hours sessions at minimum to this per week.  One session devoted to the full swing and one session devoted to the short game and putting.  Of note, I plan to devote a majority of my full swing training to the tee shot.  I feel that my iron play is not as significant to my scoring as my tee shot and short game/putting will be.  I do not plan to enroll in formal classes; I plan to self help myself on the internet and in the library, as well as relying on my family to offer advice.  I think they know enough to help me.


Tentatively Wednesday will be devoted to full swing and Saturday will be devoted to short game.


Mental Training

I plan to spend 2 hours per week focusing on the mental aspect of the game.  I plan to focus on pre-shot routines for both full swings and the putter.  I also plan to spend time reading about golf.  I'd like to keep this focus on the mental component and not necessarily swing mechanics, but I may adjust my swing some and will do some research.


My goal is to report back after each training to make sure I am accountable for this schedule.

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I am an inconsistent, low-confidence golfer that has not played much golf in the last 10 years. My goal for 2010 is to have a sub 20 handicap. My ultimate golf goal is to be a single digit handicap.

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