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May 1 Short Game Practice

Posted by wanamaker on May 1, 2010 12:29:36 PM

Went to my local range for practice.  I feel pretty luck to have the Columbia Super Range as a local practice facility.  It has plenty of stalls and the mats always seem to be new and in good condition.  Most importantly, it has a great putting green and chipping facility and that is where I hope to spend most of my time at this facility.  Unfortunately, as is the case frequently in the Seattle area, there was a nice morning drizzle coming down.  It was really reminiscent of my childhood soccer matches, but on this morning I felt it was quite fitting as a test to my commitment to improvement.


The rain started coming down pretty heavy right when I got there so I decided to get a bucket and work on my short game.  68 balls in total today - I hit about 60 of them between my 3 wedges (46, 51 and 56 degrees) across several targets and saw some consistency putting it within a few yards of my target.  The range has some cool Hard Drive computer tracking system that works every few shots, but for the shots it did work on, it kept showing me within a couple of yards of my target.  This really felt great - my chipping motion was very consistent, so I am excited by this progress.  I tried hitting about 5 balls with my driver and snap hooked every single one of them.  I am buying a new driver this week!


I was most looking forward to putting, but the rain kept up the entire time I was there and by the time I finished my bucket there was standing water on the green.  I felt that would not be beneficial to work on putting, so I will have to make this session up.  I am already behind!


My handicap is a 27.9.  I have 8 strokes to cut.

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