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May 5 Full Swing Practice

Posted by wanamaker on May 6, 2010 4:54:32 PM

A wonderful way to enjoy a nice lunch break at work is to sneak out to a driving range to hit a bucket of balls (make sure to stuff the BlackBerry into the golf bag while you hit ).  I worked on my full swing at Kaddy Shack Golf Center in Lynnwood, WA.  While the ambience of Kaddy Shack leaves something to be desired as it overlooks the business of the I5 freeway, it meets my basic needs: open mats and cheap balls.  I went up to practice with my main practice partner, Sean.


The purpose of this practice was to work on my tee shots.  I have been snap hooking my woods and hybrids for most of this spring.  I hit about 15 balls warming up to my hybrids and spent the bulk of my time hitting my TaylorMade 3 Rescue. I focused on two components today.  My primary focus was on my wrist **** during my backswing.  I'm not sure why I really tried this, but it really seems to help.  I was cocking my wrists in my back swing similar to how you might hold a baseball bat and I just tried cocking my wrists towards the sky.  This made a huge differences as suddenly I was hitting the ball significantly straighter and what I would classify as relatively far.  One thing you will probably notice as I continue to blog about my swing is that I am always one fix away from being really great.  Once I had the wrist **** perfected, I hit about 20 great shots.


As soon as I felt real comfortable with my swing, I started to top the ball a bit.  I quickly figured out what I was doing.  When I start to swing a little harder, I tend to straighten my legs on my downswing causing me to kind of "stand up" on contact and missing the sweet spot of the ball.  The really nice thing about the range is that you can focus on a couple of thing and drive out any uncomfortable motions through repetition.  For this bucket of balls, my entire concentration was devoted to this line of thought on each swing: "Big back turn, wrist **** up, stay down on ball, contact!"  We'll see if I can make that a little more natural so I don't have to think while I hit the ball on the course.

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