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Hitting Rock Bottom

Posted by wanamaker on May 16, 2010 6:18:18 PM

Since my last post I've had several golf related activities.  I have had multiple practice sessions and have felt pretty confident after each one.  This past weekend I played two rounds of golf as well.  On Friday, I was fortunate enough to play The Plateau Club with my brother, who is a pro there.  Saturday, I was in the Tri-Cities with my family and played Horn Rapids.  Both of these courses were great and I had an enjoyable time at each course, my golf game however has come to a screeching halt.


First, I will start with the positive component of my game.  I easily putted the best I have putted in the last 10 years.  My scorecard at Plateau shows 2 3 putts which is a definite improvement over everything I have down recently.  I can see this really helping my score in the long run.  I feel really confident with my distance putting and I am really excited to putt.  This is a dramatic change in my outlook as before I viewed putting as just an annoying way to lose strokes.  My scorecard at Horn Rapids shows a similar trend and really has me energized to play some more (and even practice).


Anything positive about my golf game stops there as somewhere over the past few weeks my swing has completely stopped working.  I am toe hooking everything that I hit with a wood or hybrid.  I am toe pushing everything I hit with my irons for no distance.  I am chipping most shots through the green requiring two chips on most holes.  It's taking multiple shots to get out of bunkers.  Lastly, I have a problem with penalty strokes.  I am accruing them at an alarming rate.  I took 11 penalty strokes at Plateau.  I couldn't stay out of the sand at Horn Rapids.  I shot the two of the three worst scores of my life this weekend (and I don't count the other worst score as all that bad since I was playing the PGA West Stadium Course from the championship tees).  I worsened my handicap to a 29!  I am heading in the wrong direction.


I titled this post rock bottom because I truly believe I will head up after these rounds.  A couple of years ago, I probably would have quit after these rounds potentially for as long as the summer.  Now I am truly determined to improve.  Luckily, my brother played both round and gave me a quick summary of what I am doing wrong.  I am swinging very circular rather than on a straight plane.  Additionally, I am trying to pick the ball clean which is causing inconsistent contact.  The ultimate manifestation of this swing is that I am standing up during my downswing which is essentially sapping all my power.


Armed with this knowledge, I have never been more determined to overcome my current issues.  I am excited to hit the range knowing that I have even more ground to make up than what I had at the beginning of this golf season.

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