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Starting Over

Posted by wanamaker on May 22, 2010 2:47:40 PM

I have been traveling for the last week and enjoyed some time away from doing golf related activities.  Don't get me wrong, I would have loved to get out there and play, but I think taking some time off after my last two rounds helped to reset myself.  Today I hit a large bucket at my local Super Range.  At 128 balls, it's just slightly more than an actual round.


I took my new ideas from the debacle of last week and hoped to have a leisurely session.  My focus today:

  1. Outside club takeaway to avoid bringing the club down too steeply
  2. Weight on the balls of my feet to allow me to easily transfer my weight through impact
  3. Divot after contact with the ball - no more trying to pick the ball cleanly to allow more consistent contact


I'm not going to pretend that I am anywhere close to making these a natural part of my swing, but at the end of this huge bucket I hit more than 50% of my balls well using all three techniques.  This is a big jump from last week.  My swing felt uncomfortable and mechanical, but I truly think I made some progress as I didn't really toe hook anything.  By the end of the bucket, it was getting ever so close to feeling natural.  I actually hit my driver really well.  It was mostly straight and some of my best distance I have ever seen.  I'm excited to try it on the course.  The only down side to this practice was focusing on taking a divot for so many swings on a mat.  My wrists are really sore as I am sure my emphasis was grounding the club much more than I will ultimately need to.  One more practice round should make me feel ready for a course.


I am heading out on a golf trip this weekend and I am not very sure how this mechanical, thinking swing will translate to the course.  Something that has always been communicated to me is to not think on the course, just swing.  I am nowhere near being able to do that.  However, as usual with golf - I have risen from my deepest low to the highest level of excitement in a matter of days.  Golf truly is the most fun game to struggle with.

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