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This assumption isn't entirely true. Clip in human hair extensions can damage your hair. They add stress to your hair and to your scalp. If you use clip in extensions in roughly the same spots on a regular basis, you can wind up thinning out your hair in those spots. You can also wind up pulling your hair out if they aren't removed the proper way. There are alternatives to clip in hair extensions. These methods are stress free on your hair, and are not easy to detect. They actually help protect your hair from damage, and last much, much longer than traditional clip in extensions.



When choosing, make sure that they are made of high quality materials. They made with human hair as well as synthetic hair is available today. If you are looking for a permanent option, then the human hair extension would be perfect as they can be worn on your head firmly for days. Synthetic models made with high quality synthetic fibers are also highly popular as they are more affordable than its counterpart. Since the extensions can hide the flaws of your hair like dry, frizzy, fragile, thin and damaged hair that lacks attraction. High quality models are made lightweight and can be worn for days as they provide the same natural feel as your own hair.

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