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I will not remember Manolo Blahnik Tall Black Leather Boots

Created by guyuhan. Voting starts on Feb 28, 2012

I saw her walking toward the direction of the Palace Christian Louboutin Replica Shoes rain two over, Yi Deng Yi Deng, stepping on heels and graceful to the eyes of students of the school gate with her mobile, Phi to the shoulders of that wave long hair, from time to time with the pace of a swing of a swing, and more seem so Enchanting. It seems that students have taken note of her eyes, with her eyes toward Leng Leng stood in the palace rain two.

    For so many eyes staring at her palace rain a little bit can not bear to become the focus of the atmosphere. I saw the side of looking at people's Zheng Xiaojun, pulled Palace rain sleeves, his eyes did not divert attention ask: "Do you know her?"    "It's like you saw, but can not remember." Palace rain doubt respond, threatened the Palace rain hop reacted strongly Zheng Xiaojun scolded: "No! If I ever seen such a beautiful beautiful, YSL Shoes even if is one of the case, I can remember it like contempt continued: "You do not know booing even to have seen."    I saw that beauty came to the palace rain two side Zheng Xiaojun just want to say hello, has been the first for the beauty in front of the palace rain, said: "We are really destined, long time no!" To the mouth, then swallow it back, Zheng Xiaojun looked at the side of the palace rain. Palace rain at this time some Fan stunned looking at the beauty, and my heart how search can not find the trace of the impression in front of this beauty.

    Side of the beauty looked recall the Palace rain lashes from time to time and moving. For a long time after the palace rain was embarrassed watching staring at their own beauty, YSL replica shoes Burma Burma smiled and said: "I feel I recognize you, but can not remember is where?"    Looked awkward expression Palace rain, I saw that beauty Qiao charming, holding out the hand to cover up the mouth side of the students lost the soul of the avaricious, as she. Smile after that beauty grumbles pretend angry and said: "the lady or the first time people forget that you are the first!"    Rain Palace met face reddish not looked at her attention to the Zheng Xiaojun body back again, eyes apologetically said: "Excuse me, perhaps too long, I will not remember Manolo Blahnik Tall Black Leather Boots it." And that beautiful curl one's lip, said: "Six months ago, do not know which is the bastard, I wake up from the car, and once in the Xinhua Bookstore to buy books ..." said the half, I saw that beauty is a little slip of the tongue generally stopped, round eyes staring at the Palace rain.

    Listening to that beautiful reminder of the palace rain came to understand, said: "I remember you I just BJ that person sitting next to me fell asleep!" Subsequently, the apologetic Fake YSL smile: "I never thought, every so for a long time we have a chance to meet. "

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