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mind. Stare stare Christian Louboutin Egoutina Spike-Toe Boots Black

Created by guyuhan. Voting starts on Feb 28, 2012

That beauty is listening to the words of the palace rain, smiling and Christian Louboutin Replica nodded to expose said: "Yes! I was just back to the BJ." Has just finished, then corrected himself and cried: "Who said I fell asleep. I just turn a blind eye meditation. "met with the beauty so can quibble palace rain merely a faint smile and think: and also turn a blind eye to the contemplation, if I did not call you, just wait for the driver uncle to catch you off it.

    Long time no plug in the mouth of the Zheng Xiaojun, a sweet smile, said: "beauty Hello, My name is Zheng Xiaojun, you know how to call beautiful you!" Who "turn a blind eye meditation" beauty looked Zheng Xiaojun, indifferent smile said : "I called Dong Xiaoli." just finished staring at the rain Christian Louboutin Velours Scrunch Boots Coffe Palace said: "juvenile dementia what you call, have not told me?"    The side of listening to Zheng Xiaojun, Puchi's laugh out of the Palace rain had in mind: speechless also juvenile dementia, loss you want out. But his face or smile to respond and said: "I called the Palace rain." I saw the Dong Xiaoli beauty long sound "Oh" sound to respond, said: "Palace rain? Is a hyphenated name, do not blame people forget how dementia." Perhaps, she has the palace rain as the object of dementia, three words not from the mouth of the repeated word, nothing to fear from the Palace rain angry.

    Zheng Xiaojun I smiled Palace rain, followed by the front of the Yves Saint Laurent Replica shoes Dong Xiaoli said: "Xiaoli beautiful, how do you know the Palace rain here, you will not be in the dark ..." yet more urgent to finish Zheng Xiaojun, staring Zheng Xiaojun Dong Xiaoli US anger cried: "Who metamorphosis secretly investigate others, you do not have just finished the test you? I sat behind you, accidentally saw the juvenile dementia ... : Then the eyes of Mimi smiled.    Original hearts with a trace of doubt, how a coincidence, but after listening to the words of Dong Xiaoli, Palace rain are also considered to resolve queries in the mind. Stare stare Christian Louboutin Egoutina Spike-Toe Boots Black Dong Xiaoli, said: "You test of Foreign Languages ??College courses."

    Dong Xiaoli slightly nodded his head, and then forced the palace rain shouted: "To punish you, do not remember this young lady, you have to compensate for what I looked at her a trace of rogue expression Palace rain only speechless. Zheng Xiaojun of the side of listening to pour very pleased, said: "Yes, we are ready to relax, do not mind together off to." "Yes!" Dong Xiaoli very readily replied, then said: "We now on the go. "Palace rain decided to go out to look for, see if you can find a suitable job, because the Institute of reasons to, Palace rain Christian Louboutin Pindera 120 Crystal-embellished Pumps Black want to work, only to find a working hours is fixed for 18:00 start work. , or a part-time.

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