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to music ice Yves Saint Laurent Discount beauty

Created by guyuhan. Voting starts on Mar 1, 2012

Not finished, murderous eyes Palace rain seconds to kill a cheap Christian Louboutin shoes saw Zheng Xiaojun grin mouth I laughed: "niche nervous!"    Have ready, the palace rain to restore the serious situation of the face and asked: "have been more than twelve, and we go celebrate it." For this worthy of discussion, the four have each other and looked at opening Zheng Xiaojun said: "the Xiaoli Beauty and the ice-America beauty is native, it should be more familiar you choose to place it." Then, make up the saying: "If you go to KTV where I propose to go at night."

    Zheng Xiaojun just finished the music ice beauty and Dong Xiaoli are rejected at the same time, said: "do not go there!" A tacit agreement of the two, Zheng Xiaojun stunned watching the two, look do not understand the way. Yue ice embarrassed smile, said: "I and the palace rain at half past six in the evening to go to work, so can not go there." With the voice had said: "I do not drink, so .. .... "Palace rain endorsed to music ice Yves Saint Laurent Discount beauty, supplement, said:" Well, we have to work at night, or will not come out to celebrate. "    Dong Xiaoli face with the embarrassing signs with the endorsed, said: "think of the last things to be afraid, no longer afraid to go to that place. Zheng Xiaojun said accepted Baile Bai head Tanshou laugh, said:" I would just be talking about it the day after tomorrow to prepare for admission, so do not go. "At the same time Christian Louboutin Flats watching the two of Dong Xiaoli and Yue ice America," this celebration of the task, they give you two. "    Dong Xiaoli After listening, smiling and looking at the music ice America, asked: "ice Miss America, you want to go celebrate!" Ice-US sister after hearing faint smile, said: "This is your admission to celebrate , of course, want you to choose, I do not care to go are the same. "

    Dong Xiaoli For Lok ice then, to look toward the palace rain, Christian Louboutin Sale looking at the palace rain Baile Bai, as turned to Zheng Xiaojun. I saw Zheng Xiaojun, then saw the answer, said: "the BJ where fun, I really do not know, I am only familiar with those fun KTV, or you said to go play." America listening to Zheng Xiaojun, Yue ice do not agree with said BJ is not fun: "Who the BJ a lot of fun, you see near the Haidian District, there is the Summer Palace Well, there is far from the Summer Palace, Happy Valley, Matsuyama forests, and other place!"

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