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laugh Yves Saint Laurent black Suede short Boots together

Created by guyuhan. Voting starts on Mar 1, 2012

Palace rain and Zheng Xiaojun at the same time staring at Christian Louboutin shoes the music ice America about to say so many attractions, but the side of the Dong Xiaoli comments said: "But now the weather is so hot, it should be not suitable to go to these places play and the time is still not."

    Zheng Xiaojun side of idle boredom and general exclaimed: "such a short time, I see just enough to go to Walking Street onto two laps." Has just finished, Dong Xiaoli cast looked Zheng Xiaojun, the side of the music ice US proposal fails again, said: "This is probably a good place to go." Dong Xiaoli also nodded and agreed, Palace rain, have not been plugged in, then froze watching the two have not been to Walking Street, this heard, also had a wish to go take a look at the idea, looking at three, said: "I can be!"    Zheng Xiaojun obviously, did not think their own random sentence YVES Saint Laurent Suede Boots Black actually get everyone's approval, Gan smile smiled and said: "Although I do not like to go to a place like this, but two beautiful women want to go, how can I not agree. "Oh offer an attentive, said:" That we are starting slightly.    Just finished the words Zheng Xiaojun, immediately start the engine, the car came the sound of starting up.    With cars, fast driving on the highway, Zheng Xiaojun looked at the guide mirror, said: "two girls, to the pedestrian street, what they would buy all responsible for today by the Fake Christian Louboutin brother!"

    Side of the palace the rain listening to the words of Zheng Xiaojun, could not help but Puchi smile, said: "Do you still brother!" Paused a joke said: "Then the brother, I bought something negative is not responsible for it!" While driving of Zheng Xiaojun heard the joke of the palace rain, immediately make exaggerated facial expressions, the appearance of his face to be spit said: "OK, your kid, do not disgusting to me." With a smile, naughty said: brother in this life, only for beauty services, you are still free, I is not a glass! "I eyes also Bailiaoyiyan Palace rain," Well "

    Zheng Xiaojun few Dong Xiaoli and Yue ice US funny Oh laugh Yves Saint Laurent black Suede short Boots together, the expression of Palace rain contempt Zheng Xiaojun, alone leisurely read: "hey, these days, are heterosexual, disgraceful!" turning curse of Zheng Xiaojun not react immediately exclaimed: "I is disgraceful, and I Zeyang, human values ??some money!" side of the Dong Xiaoli listening to Zheng Xiaojun, then smiled and said: "I still responsible for their own to buy their own things. "said at the same time saw the next Lok ice America, barely tolerable implied eyes, said:", ice US sister. "

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