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Aug 18, 2010 8:37 PM

Slower in the summer heat?

Where are all the big boys and girls this summer?


I've been tracking my times religiously since late winter (I've always been spotty about keeping a running log), and found that I'm a lot slower at all effort levels this summer than I was before the daytime highs hit the 90s.  In years past I ran at lunch time or after work, year round, and actually kept my speed up during the summer months.  This year I have taken to running in the pre-dawn hours to stay out of the heat.  Even so, I'm slowwwwww, which frankly is discouraging.


I know that heat is supposed to increase our effort levels, but is everyone else finding themselves running slower this summer?


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    1. Aug 18, 2010 9:41 PM (in response to Surfing_Vol)
    Re: Slower in the summer heat?

    Absolutely.   This summer is brutal,  hot and humid.  The nice thing tho is after running in this soup check out your time next time you get a reprieve from the heat  and opportunity to run in a really cool morning.  Not only does it feel like heaven but you'll be flying.

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    2. Aug 18, 2010 9:41 PM (in response to Surfing_Vol)
    Re: Slower in the summer heat?

    I feel your pain. Bigtime.


    I was knocking out Halfs, 10Ks, 8Ks and many 5Ks this winter and spring....then comes the Crescent City Half in NOLA....Introduction to Humidity....I was 5+ mins off my PR..........a half in Mississippi in June netted me a 17+ minute sub PR time.....All my 5Ks are 3+ minutes off my winter/spring times....Everything except the Peachtree 10K....for some reason..that was OK......


    I am a big guy...built like a linebacker at 244...running is not easy for me, but I like it........but this heat and humidity....and DEW POINT (that one number is key here in the south).....have stomped me into the ground.


    Training for a Marathon in NYC in Nov.....mostly on the treadmill right now...16-18 miles on a treadmill makes you question your sanity, but that is what I have been reduced to during this hot a$$ summer. It doesn't matter what time I run....I just can't do it in humidity of 85% with temps feel your pain and understand your frustration. My plan is to run my race per week the best I can......try and drop some of the bulk and remaining fat....crosstrain...use the treadmill for my long runs....and hold out for late Sept.

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