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Dec 11, 2007 7:45 PM

Waters that cause De-Hydration

Some people drink very little water and some people drink a lot of water every day.


It is clear that neither approach guarantees adequate cellular hydration.


A significant mistake people make about drinking water involves not drinking enough or assuming that drinking solutions with water in them is sufficient, which will not guarantee adequate hydration.



Without proper hydration day in and day out the body will go into a defensive survival mode not unlike a flight or fright response.



The body's resources and biochemical activity will dedicate themselves to survival in order to defend against cellular death with any degree of dehydration present.



There are more and more "Altered Water" products appearing on the market every day. not only do NONE of these products have ANY clinical research showing that they are effective in hydrating the body, most of them actually DEHYDRATE the body.



By Dr David Wheeler: M-Water® in all its variances as Ready to Drink, Primordial, Core and Nectar made with the M-Water Activation TechnologyTM



I have determined that there are ten categories of water products that can be defined as altered. The term altered is in contrast to natural that is associated with M-Water. The eleventh category is high quality clean drinking water. The twelfth category is M-Water and is the only natural water created with technology based on duplicating the forces of nature under ideal circumstances to create what I often refer to as Perfect Living Water.



Over the past several years my opinions about water have been verified based on mainstream technological analysis and clinical studies. As the reader will notice in all my writings I place a lot of importance on "philosophy" as the driver, with science as the passenger. In my booklet and book about the functional water product I have invented, M-Water, I make it very clear that there is no such thing as science without philosophy. The evolution of science requires the evolution of the fundamental philosophy that determines how human beings understand reality. For those folks such as myself that are involved in alternative healthcare services and products it is clear that those who embrace a mainstream medical perspective often reject alternative options without any sort of real scientific orientation but as an emotional reaction only.



Philosophically speaking I can't makes sense out water products and technologies that essentially alter normal water into something else other than pure, clean drinking water. What is so challenging to not only the dedicated proponents of the mainstream medical model but also to those who embrace healthcare alternatives is that a superficial analysis of any given pure, clean water and M-Water will not reveal the best kind of water to drink. The best kind of drinking water will not show any substantial differences in dissolved solids, surface tension, pH, electrical conductivity and so on. The difference between ordinary water and M-Water is at a much deeper level of the H20 molecule, which can be verified based on sophisticated technological analysis such as Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and most importantly clinical studies.



Clinically speaking I have seen negative consequences from many people using products or technologies that are representative of altered water products. The reason is that all of them cause dehydration and bring about disorganized cellular chemistry.



The 10 Categories of Altered Water Products Everyone Should Avoid if They Value Health and Well Being



  1. Oxygenated Water:


Water products that have added oxygen will cause dehydration and oxidative stress. There is a significant amount of research from Europe to suggest that M-Water will supply increased oxygen already structured within the H20 molecule to the cells. M-Water does not have added oxygen but instead releases more effectively the oxygen in each H20 molecule.


  1. Ionized Water:


Water that is electrified based on ionization or other electrically applied processes produces a high pH and an electron water, which is drastically different than any water that comes from an environmental source. Refer to number three for more information on extreme pH changes in water.


  1. High pH Water:


Within the context of the nine other types of altered water there are different ways of increasing the pH of water that is much higher than clean drinking water with low dissolved solids. The two primary methods for increasing pH are ionization and adding minerals, which confuses the function of water and food. Food provides radical scavenging and anti oxidant affects that go along with an increase in minerals and or electrons. Water is the solute for all solids and should not replace but instead facilitate their function. Many altered water products confuse the role of food and water. The addition of minerals and electrons will cause dehydration and therefore this type of water is not a substitute for simple, clean drinking water enhanced with M-Water in order to hydrate properly.


  1. Colloidal Mineral Additives:


There are a number of liquid and powdered products that introduce colloidal minerals into the gut in order to increase surface tension, electrons and pH - which will not bring about faster more efficient cellular hydration and therefore is not a substitute for simple, clean drinking water enhanced with M-Water. Be sure to read number three about the role of food and water. Colloidal mineral additives may possibly interfere with normal pathways of absorption from the gut that includes liver function. An associated and highly specialized mineral additive product is Colloidal Sliver: Making colloidal silver involves electrical current technology in water, which may have health benefits but is not an appropriate form for drinking water.


  1. Electrolyte Water:


Water products with electrolytes added, based on minerals and possibly other substances, will cause dehydration. Drinking pure clean drinking water enhanced with M-Water is the only way to insure proper hydration. For those who want to insure adequate electrolytes during exercise, high temperatures or periods of stress simply make a mixture of genuine sea salt and potassium salt and take when necessary directly on or under the tongue.


  1. Nutrient Enhanced Water:


Water enhanced with vitamins, minerals, proteins and any other substance added will cause dehydration, which again is to confuse the role of water and food.


  1. Botanical Solutions:


Herbal teas and other botanically brewed drinks (such as coffee and black tea) no matter how healthy they are supposed to be will not suffice as a substitute for drinking M-Water.


  1. Overwhelming use of Electromagnetic and Vibrational Effects:


Using strong magnets, ceramics, ultrasound and other types of natural or man made materials and electronic affects to induce an overwhelming vibrational change in water that is not found in the environment is contradictory to the genetic memory of the cell for natural water from the environment. This type of water will be rejected on a cellular level and cause dehydration.


  1. Rigid Vortex Water:


There are various devices on the market that spin water in order to create some sort of clustering change - due to the fact than any continuous use of concussive forces will decrease H20 cluster size at least temporarily - but this conflicts with the infinite variance of speed, duration and direction of water movement that takes place in the environment with natural flow. This type of water essentially becomes vibrationally rigid and will be rejected by the cell and therefore cause dehydration.


  1. Subtle Vibrational and Energy Enhanced Water:


There are many, many approaches available in the world today used to subtly influence water with a supposed beneficial effect in mind. But other than the use of the M-Water Activation Technology there is no other approach that is verified with technological analysis and clinical studies.


Water That Is Safe



  1. Clean Water:


For clean water purchased as pre-bottled (or accomplished from the tap at home) - based on purification, reverse osmosis, spring water and distillation - their is no assurance that small clustering and vibrational information is stabilized to insure proper hydration. This means that for any clean water consumed a person should add the M-Powerment Water to it. The Winter of 2004 M-Water Clinical Study proves that even drinking plenty of pure, clean drinking water every day does not resolve dehydration. The only proven method to insure proper hydration is with M-Powerment Water.


  1. M-Powerment Water
         The final category is M-Powerment Water that is created by adding a small amount of the M-Powerment Water to clean drinking water. The M-Powerment Water starts out with high quality artesian water that is purified to one part per million solids that meets the requirement of number eleven in terms of clean water. M-Powerment Water is the only form of water available in the world today that will insure optimum cellular hydration other than finding a perfect source of water from the environment, which is not possible anymore based on the encroachment of society on the land worldwide.


Conclusion: Based on the recent M-Powerment Water clinical study it is clear that many other types of water will not resolve and in fact appear to cause dehydration because of resistance by the cell to hydrate quickly and efficiently.



The fact is that most people are dehydrated no matter what kind of water they are drinking other than M-Powerment Water.



Hydration = LIFE!



Dehydration = Death!

  • Wilco Community Moderator 58 posts since
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    1. Dec 7, 2007 4:05 PM (in response to Regilow)
    Re: Waters that cause De-Hydration

    Interesting content, Regilow. Thanks for sharing.

  • saraallent Legend 1,063 posts since
    Oct 2, 2007
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    2. Dec 11, 2007 4:23 PM (in response to Wilco)
    Re: Waters that cause De-Hydration

    This is a great post. Thanks. I have always struggled with hydration as an athlete and have really had to focus on it. Many of my fellow athletes were able to drink soda before games, while I'm preparing days in advance to ensure adequate hydration. I'm always looking for more info and this was really helpful.

  • culinarydoctor Expert 71 posts since
    Oct 31, 2007
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    4. Dec 17, 2007 12:11 PM (in response to Regilow)
    Re: Waters that cause De-Hydration


    Quality Info dude! 



    I was wondering if you have heard or read about the dehydration effect of artificial sweeteners.  Great series of books by Dr. Batmanghelidj, in which he makes the claim that various diseases including peptic ulcer, high blood pressure, morning sickness during pregnancy and allergies (to name a few), are related to chronic dehydration.  Another claim made is that diet beverages are hypotonic, or dehydrating solutions.  Therefore, everything from Muscle Milk with acesulfame potassium to Propel with sucralose, non caloric fitness products have potential to decrease the molar concentration of water.  Thoughts?  Opinions? 



    And tap water?  Chlorine and Flourine, are they mind control additives like Mel Gibson said in the beginning of the movie Conspiracy Theory, or is their some positive effect of drinking water with a high amount of dissolved solids because of the whole "that which does not kill me makes me stronger" axiom.



    Has anyone ever drank "Om Water".  Found a bottle once in LA, and the label said that it is purified by spinning it in a wurlpool with a revolution speed equal to that of the Earth on it's axis.   Pretty wild stuff.  Tasted like water to me. 



    Eden Springs bottles some good water too, in a glass bottle that is.  Only dilemma is that I almost feel guilty steeling prestine water from the Great Lakes or Fiji.  I do get aweful thirsty though.



  • crtrujillo Amateur 8 posts since
    Oct 2, 2007
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    5. Dec 18, 2007 11:36 AM (in response to Regilow)
    Re: Waters that cause De-Hydration

    This is almost overwhelming!  Why do I feel like most of these products are merely gimmicks designed to make the public spend more money rather than to actually help people??

  • culinarydoctor Expert 71 posts since
    Oct 31, 2007
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    6. Dec 18, 2007 7:49 PM (in response to crtrujillo)
    Re: Waters that cause De-Hydration

    There is much deceit in the health industry.  I feel like some of it is perpetuated by a lack of knowledge from consumers.  Health gurus aside, the average person has no idea the significance of the molecular compounds listed in the ingredients, unless they have known allergies.  If someone is severly dehydrated, do they run the risk of chlorine poisoning if they drink lots of tap water?  Anybody care to comment on the mind-control factor?  hahahahaaha.



    How about Oregon Rain, has anyone ever drank this stuff?    Tastes like water to me, but the label is great!  Check this out...




    "Oregon RAIN.  natural VIRGIN WATER harvested from Oregon Skies.  The Origins of Oregon Rain:  On Ellesmere Island's northern most coast, in the high Arctic region of the North Pole, a mighty gale force know as the Katabatic wind blows fiercly as it flows downhill over the Milne ice shelf towards the Pacific Ocean.  This blast of cold air meets with warm moist air over the Pacific and produces prodigious clouds dripping with clean pure water that soon becomes Oregon rain as they move through the Willamette Valley.  On a specialized farm, the bottlers of Oregon Rain wait patiently for the next showers of rain to fall so that it can be captured and sent to the bottler for purification.  The virgin water has never been touced by the Earth, avoiding any risk of contamination."




    Whao!!!  After reading the bottle I feel like the coach of an NFL team after winning and being ceremonially dunked with a cooler of freezing Gatorade.  ahh, FRESH.  On the label, the word "Earth" was not capitolized, but I choose to invoke poetic licence out of respect for my home-planet. 



    One thing about this water, and Eden Springs or Voss is that they come in a glass bottle.  I heard somewhere that this is superior.  Comments?  Testimony to quality of water and physical fitness / health.  Also if anyone has the hook up on Alaskan Eskimo water, hollar at your boy.




    Water Is Better.

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