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PapaBanucci Rookie 80 posts since
Dec 14, 2007
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Dec 16, 2007 4:19 PM

Why isn't anyone from CR/Active transition team working this forum right now???


If you're here.  Now would be a good time to raise your hand.  We'd like some help.



Is this forum the right spot?  Or not?



I understand it's Sunday and you too have a family.



I understand well because I have a family too and I need to be cooking dinner right now rather than worry about my workout log data that you seem to have lost in the transition from Cool Running to Active.



I don't know about other runners around here, but your absence right now is not building good will in this Cool Running runner.



  • lcharnley Rookie 6 posts since
    Dec 14, 2007

    I hate to be pessimistic, but I have come the conclusion that Active

    does not give a rat's A** about the long-time users of CR.  I suppose

    that it makes sense.  The long time users have no real use for the paid

    training services which seem to be largely targeted to newbies.  In the

    running world there are 1000's of newbies every week.  All they have to

    do is ride out the storm until the long-timer users (read

    "troublemakers") all go over to , and they will start

    signing up the paying crowd.  Also, the newbies can't know how nice the previous log was - so they can't b**ch and moan about it.  They will be happy as clams, and some will pay for the privilege.  So - all they need to do is stay quiet and wait for the storm to pass.

  • Michael. Community Moderator 516 posts since
    Nov 9, 2007

    Active only purchased this because of the amount of web traffic it generates. I can not believe that after the transition they would then "blow off" the user base they purchased. Websites can go from the top to bottom very quickly and active knows this. They have to be addressing these concerns. It would be smart for them to put customer support people online in these forums to let people know they are aware of these situations and will make them good. At least this is how a business that cares acts.

  • Trish18 Legend 457 posts since
    Jun 5, 2007

    Our team has worked extremely hard to try and minimize issues throughout the migration that was completed late last night and we will continue to do our best to help. However, any transition is going to cause some discomfort. Moving from the familiar to something new is a difficult situation. The change was necessary simply to maintain the day to day operations of The old system could no longer handle the load of the community. Furthermore, there were data security and maintenance issues that were creating an increasing strain on the system. Over the last six months, there were numerous issues of users losing data on the system, a trend that was accelerating into the New Year. By moving the message boards and running log to, you benefit from Active’s more robust infrastructure, meaning no more lost data.


    To find your log:


    We have made all attempts to make the Cool Running data log migration process as simple and complete as possible. If you would like to transfer your data, please follow these steps:


    1) Go to and log in with your Active Network’s user account and password.


    2) The system will direct you to a Merge account page and tell you that your account was upgraded by Click the button, "Create an Account".


    3) The system will direct you to the Import data page, where you can opt to transfer your Cool Running data to Active Trainer. Click on the “Transfer my Data” button to begin the Cool Running data transfer. If you choose not to import your data at this time, you can always go to the My Account Settings page and transfer your data later.


    4) If you opted to transfer your data, depending on how much data you’ve logged in Cool Running, the process can take anywhere from 4 to 24 hours to complete. In the meantime, you can begin using the Active Trainer features and tools.


    5) Once the transfer of data is complete, you will find your Cool Running data in the calendar and Shoe Tracker.


    Again, we apologize for any problems you may be experiencing in the transition. We value your feedback and it is our goal to work with you to ensure your concerns are addressed and promptly resolved.

    Community Development Specialist | Team Sports
  • live4winter Rookie 8 posts since
    Sep 30, 2007








    You have completely missed the point, there are a couple hundred former CR users explaing the problem right now.  We can deal with the transition, its the log that is horrible.  Consider the numbers a runner would be concerned with, check your log and the number of manupulations it takes to view it.  Enough said.



  • live4winter Rookie 8 posts since
    Sep 30, 2007

    Oh, by the way, for $9.95 I'll let you know how I really feel.

  • Trish18 Legend 457 posts since
    Jun 5, 2007

    Hi live4winter,


    My reply was to let you all know that com staff are reading the boards as quickly as we can and are offering our help. PapaBanucci said he was worried about his workout log data tand thought that it was lost in the transition from Cool Running to Active--I included directions on how to find it in hopes of helping him and any other users that might be experiencing the same thing.


    To your point, we are reading all of the posts about the logs. We value everyone's feedback and will be logging it. For now, until updates can be made, there may be a bit of confusion about the data transfer from the Cool Running logs to Active Trainer. Even though the data is largely the same, it will look different in the two systems.


    - Workout type, distance, duration and pace will transfer directly over.


    - Any comments, Avg HR and Max HR will be inserted into the workout notes for those specific workouts.


    - You weight data will be imported into the Daily Vitals section in Active Trainer.


    - Shoe data will automatically populate into the Shoe Tracker, including all mileage information logged to date.

    You can view historical data in a number of formats on Active Trainer.


    - Your calendar allows you to see workouts (with varying levels of detail) in a month, week and day view.


    - Click on “Reports” in the top navigation to access your Training Log, showing side-by-side planned vs. actual data in a weekly view


    - Dig deeper by clicking on the Training Stats tab, which allows you to graph aggregated stats such as training volume.

    Community Development Specialist | Team Sports
  • runforyourlife123 Amateur 63 posts since
    Dec 14, 2007

    Bring back the coolrunning log - the Active Trainer log is useless. Runners like to track their mileage and pace on a weekly and monthly basis - as well as their personal best times at all distances run. What is a planned run? Why do I have to log a planned run and then mark I have completed it? What Einstein thought this up as a way to log runs?


    I never lost data at - and I never saw anyone post about problems with the site.



    I have let your management team know how I feel. Yes, this is a free site - and I can easily move on.



    But you made an investment as a company. For you it's real money that you are losing.....



  • avenger9 Rookie 3 posts since
    Dec 14, 2007

    Hi Trish--


    Well thanks for (finally) stepping into the fire!  But alas, I, as well as many others will vote with our feet and take our logs elsewhere for exactly the reasons/problems that PapaBanucci listed above.  




    And $9.95 to track our shoe mileage?!  Seriously!!  Icing on the cake -- see ya Active!

  • Trish18 Legend 457 posts since
    Jun 5, 2007

    There will be updates based on user feedback. Also, you will not have to pay to track shoe mileage.

    Community Development Specialist | Team Sports
  • sarah430 Rookie 11 posts since
    Sep 2, 2007

    My running log transitioned but where is my extensive cross-training data?  I have not seen an answer to this yet.

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